Frosty mornings hard on crops

We can hope our frosty mornings are long gone now until later this fall, but you just never know!
This is hard on the newly-emerged crops that are trying so hard to pop out of the ground. I certainly hope there is little damage as it is frustrating and expensive to think about re-seeding acres and acres.
We are hoping we’ll get our soybeans and dry beans planted this week. We normally like to wait until after the middle of May to plant these crops so we are somewhat on schedule with them.
Once we get our research plots in, we’ll focus on filling up some of other land that is worked up. Some of the more sod areas, we will seed some cereals and then re-plow them this fall so we can get them levelled out a bit more.
We have lots of grass to plant in our laneways, as well.
We just need the weather to co-operate again and we’ll slowly get it back to shape.

The tree seedlings are in once again. We have white spruce (20 per bundle for $5), red pine (20 per bundle for $5), and cedar (10 per bundle for $5).
They can be picked up ASAP between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the Emo Agricultural Research Station (we would appreciate it if you would come first thing in the morning, over lunch, or at the end of the day so we don’t have to stop working and come in from the field).
If you live in Fort Frances, you can attend “Tony’s Tailgate Tree Sale” tomorrow (May 19) from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre to pick up your orders or to purchase trees.
We thank the Fort Frances library for being such a great partner in this project.
It’s a great time to get out and plant trees. And if there are any school groups looking for a great outdoor activity, we would gladly donate trees.

My youngest niece, Marlee, turned eight over the weekend and she wanted a farm birthday party. So we planned a bunch of farm games and Clayton built her the zip-line she requested.
We had 17 little kids to entertain, but they were a great bunch. And even though the weather could have been better, I think everyone had fun!
We took a wagon ride up through one group of cows and, of course, there had to be a cow in heat. So there was a group of girls wondering why they were jumping on each other.
I was trying to load them quickly back on the wagon before the bull came along to investigate the cow situation.
Then I heard Marlee explaining the event: “Well, you see the cow jumping on the other cow? Well, the cow that is getting jumped on is in heat and that means we are going to make a baby!”
And I took that as a great time to get out of there!
I didn’t plan on any birds-and-bees lessons but thankfully Marlee took care of that.

Remember to get your Canada Day Cash lottery ticket before this Friday (May 20) and you’ll be entered into the early-bird draw for the fishing package for two at the Manitou Weather Station fishing lodge!
You have eight chances to win and you are supporting our local Riverside Foundation for Health Care that benefits all three of our hospitals and Rainycrest!