Food day victim of snow again

More snow—I think we all have the same feelings about this!
As well, our Food Security Action Day had to be postponed for a second time because of snow.
It now is re-scheduled for Wednesday, April 10 and we only can hope for a more spring-like day.
On the bright side, I’m hoping this latest snowstorm will trigger something and the last of my cows will decide to calve. I am tiring of checking them and it seems we get non-complacent as the end nears.
• • •
Thankfully, I will be returning to work every day in two weeks and a regular paycheque will be much-appreciated.
I’ve had my share of breakdowns around the farm of late. My dryer quit, my barn camera quit, my bed is crippling me, and now my fridge went. So I’ve been spending money like crazy just pretending like I have lots!
It’s hard to believe that stuff ages. It seems like just yesterday that it was all new!
• • •
I was able to help celebrate a dear friend’s 30th birthday over the weekend (I guess she’s actually my third cousin).
Noreen also was a super student at the research station here in Emo for three summers and we able to get quite close and become good friends (inside joke: “Hot Girls 06!”)
She is leaving from Mexico soon to be married, as well. What a year for her!
Thanks to her family for including me in her special day.
As well, I was able to visit with the Halverson twins and their new baby boys. These girls all have such a special place in my heart! They always have been such friendly girls and so quick to visit with you.
The twins also were great 4-H members, and I always appreciated how they were up for a chat no matter where they seen you—no matter our age differences and time lapses.
I wish them all the best and look forward to watching their young families grow and, of course, our next visits!
• • •
My Auntie Carol celebrated her birthday on St. Patrick’s Day.
I was hoping that my “Carol” cow would calve for her birthday, but that didn’t happen!