Flood over famine

I can barely grasp it is the end of June. I planned to start cutting hay over the weekend, but the weather changed my mind on that. I would have had to bundle up cutting on Sunday because it certainly wasn’t a warm day. I think we are so thankful that we have something to cut this year. The problem now is our fields are soft and there are likely places we will have to go around. Wet grass also means the cattle don’t gain quite as well, but I think we would all take this over no grass at all. I don’t see my cattle every day but every couple days and they were really enjoying the Sunday weather; cool, breezy, and less bugs because of it. The sheep enjoy cooler days, but they really enjoy drier ground. The don’t like it when their yard is wet and messy. There isn’t much choice, but they tend to be vocal about things like that. I could have some baby bunnies by the end of the week, so I cleaned up the momma bunny’s cage. It did look like she might have already been starting to build a bit of a nest. I am hoping we have good luck with them. Black Bettie still does not appreciate sharing the house with Lexi. I think once Lexi is over her puppy playfulness that things will be back to normal for Bettie.

The Auction Sale at the Sales Barn was a huge success. It was great to see everyone out and it had rained the night before, so we weren’t missing people to haying. I was so happy that I was able to buy some gates and panels. It was just like Christmas after we got it home (well, for me anyway). I look forward to putting the purchases to good use. Thank you to everyone who showed up, bid or bought — we appreciate the support, and we are very happy to have things cleaned up! We will be able to get some gravel in and a bit more landscaping completed now.

My youngest niece graduated from Grade 8 last week. It was great to be able to attend the ceremony in person! It makes me a bit sad. We all know how quickly your four years of high school pass by. Thankfully her and I will get to spend some time together this summer as she is in 4-H and we have some heifers to train.

I lost one of my summer students last week! Mac Schraa is off to Prince George BC to play football and attend university. I really enjoyed having him around but as also very excited for him to go and enjoy himself. Kennah LeBlanc will be starting, and we are looking forward to having her join our team! We are back to a full girls team once again! We finally planted our Three Sister’s project this week. I was out watering on Friday and found that we have a pest (thinking a bird) that has pulled out a bunch of beans and squash. So looks like some replanting this week.

The Abattoir Board is making some changes to their fees. Watch for my email. We are trying to make things less complicated but still have enough money to deal with the increased costs we are seeing. It is not an easy task, but the board members are all users of the abattoir, so we know what it is like to pay the fees. Stay tuned!

Happy summer holidays to all the school kids. Enjoy it — summer holidays don’t last long once you get a job and join the working world. Ride your bike, play in the sand, and soak up some sunshine.