Finally finished cutting my hay

Well, it’s official—on Friday night I finally cut the last of my hay.
I had high hopes that with a couple of sunny days, we would have it all baled up! When I saw the weather forecast for Sunday, I tried raking and baling some late Saturday night but it just wasn’t quite ready.
And just like the previous weekend, the predicted one-three mm of rain turned into 17 mm again! Huge puddles everywhere and quite a mess working with the fair cattle.
What a year! Despite have two decent weeks of weather, the ground is still wet and the rain makes a mess rather quickly.
Back on with the rubber boots—again.
• • •
We finished the second cut of the alfalfa at the Emo Agricultural Research Station—and just in time before the critical cutting date starts.
• • •
Due to the Emo Fair, I’m off this week. Unfortunately, I haven’t actually had time to prepare anything for the fair yet—even my cows are not behaving the way I hope they will be by the end of the week.
I did see a slight improvement Sunday night—thankfully.
Marlee’s heifer is stubborn—something at least the two of them have in common. Marlee was getting pretty frustrated, but she showed us a much better side of her Sunday night so I’m hoping we are making good progress now.
Mar would like her to be like “Roxee”; just put a leash on and walk but cattle just aren’t like that.
Maddie’s calf, meanwhile, is doing very well and she is pleased like you wouldn’t believe. Even if our cattle don’t walk, they should be well-prepared for the fair setting!
We are jumping, climbing, running, singing (very loudly), riding bikes, and doing anything else that might arise around them. I’m hoping to have a successful week with them and that we don’t have too much of a rodeo at the fair.
It is so nice to see the girls excited about showing, but they still are too young to understand just how much work cattle are.
This is my 33rd year for taking cattle—I haven’t missed a year since I was 12.
In related news, we caught “Dudley” and he will be back at the fair for “Guess the Weight!” (he is the bottle calf from last year).
• • •
Maddie and Marlee were telling me the other day that they sure hope Clayton and I don’t get “marriaged!” I asked why?
“Well, because it you get “marriaged,” you will have kids and won’t spoil us anymore,” they both replied.
I then said, “Well, I don’t think you need to worry about that too much!”
Then it was, “Why do you call the kids at the research station your kids?” they asked.
I guess they were thinking maybe they were getting spoiled.
• • •
I am starting to wonder how much work I will get finished before my kids leave EARS and head back to school.
With things being so late this year, I’m not sure we will have much of the harvest completed.
I find it a bit depressing once they leave, anyway—I’m fortunate to get to live through the lives of teenagers every summer!
• • •
I hope to see everyone at the fair! If you are free, we still are looking for help in the 4-H food booth and take down of the Farm Progress Building on Saturday night in the arena!
Just give me a call if you have any spare time.