Final stretch to Christmas

We are moving quickly into that final stretch before the big day!
I finally got my upstairs tree up on Sunday. But as I was dragging it in from the minus-34 temperature, and the needles and branches were following off, I did think to myself, “Why do we do this again?”
We spend hours trying to clean our house and then we bring in a messy tree. But after getting as many lights on it as I possibly can, and all the special decorations that I’ve collected over the years, I remember why!
Although both my boyfriend/partner and my almost step-kid reassured me that it was snug in the tree stand, I still insisted they wire it to the wall. Twice in my life the tree has come down and it isn’t a pretty sight!
Since my cat only lives in the barn now, I don’t have to worry about her crawling up in it, either.
We actually wimped out and drove the truck out across the pasture to get the tree (the cows even thought we were weird). We didn’t think four-wheeling in our deep-freeze temperatures would be much fun.
I have been feeding cows close to where I found this tree, so it was an easy truck drive.
Now if I only can finish my Christmas shopping. . . .
I’ve made my list so I will try to tackle this task now. I really need to get at this earlier and then I wouldn’t feel so pressured.
There is no excuse except shopping isn’t my thing. Sure, everyone tells you to shop online but I also want people to buy local meat/produce so I try to shop local, as well.

It also was a weekend of parties for me. For instance, Friday was our annual seafood night and once again it featured an awesome meal and good visits.
We were short of few people because of a few other events but they missed out!
Then on Saturday night, we enjoyed a traditional Swiss Raclette! The Henzmann family graciously hosted our abattoir board and staff for a wonderful evening of food and friendship.
Later that night, we gathered to visit at Lisa Teeple’s home as Jeff, Kelly, and the kids were home for the Teeple annual Christmas party.
My “personal assistant,” Destiny, also had just returned from Barrie so we had a few hours of some really good stories and hearty laughter!

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. I hope you have good family and friends like I do to enjoy it this season with.
Travel safely and take the time to visit and laugh–our lives are so busy these days that we don’t do enough of this.
Last year on Christmas Day, “Nanny” passed away. I hardly can believe it’s a whole year already and some days still I feel it isn’t true. Though we miss her most days, we do so at this time of the year especially since she liked to get out and check out the Christmas lights.
She also would complain about not shopping, but then she likely would be expecting my mom to get her to town every day this week to just get a “few things!”
People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d list it.
So please enjoy–every day is a precious one. Merry Christmas, friends!