Final cattle sale went well

Well, our final cattle sale for 2012 is behind us. We sold nearly 900 animals on Saturday totalling nearly $700,000.
Things went well for this sale, and I think both the sellers and buyers were pleased.
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association would like to thank everyone who supported our sales barn in one way, shape, or form. We certainly appreciate everyone.
And a big thank you to Philip Krahn on his first year as our sales barn manager. This is a tough job with many long, hard hours.
• • •
A couple of Saturdays ago, my girlfriend took a few of us to celebrate our birthdays at the “Evening in Paris” fundraiser. We had a wonderful time!
The committee did a wonderful job of hosting a great evening. The meal was delicious, but we country girls were looking for seconds (I guess in Paris you don’t have a great big T-bone spread across your plate!)
Watch for these Riverside Foundation for Health Care events. They certainly are worth your time and you are supporting health care in Rainy River District at the same time.
• • •
Since I’m short of hay this year, I decided I had to cull a bit harder. I ended up getting rid of five cows last week and have two more butcher animals that will go in the next few weeks.
Of course, one was my poor ol’ “Daisee,” with two going to the abattoir and two others to the Stratton sale.
I am hoping this will free up a bit of feed.
It is much more difficult to sell these cows that have been around for a while rather than calves that are just six months old. I sold five cows this spring, so I have 10 less to calve.
This actually makes me feel kind of sad as I was trying hard to keep my cow numbers around 50. I guess I’ll have to work at building up again.
• • •
We de-wormed and vaccinated most of the cow herd last weekend. Marlee was out to help us since the rest of her family was busy with other things.
We were just getting things set up when she said, “Auntie Kimmie, my heart is bubbling!”
My mom and I stopped in our tracks and I responded, “Marlee, what is wrong with your heart?”
She replied, “My heart is bubbling I am so happy right now!”
Oh, it makes my heart bubble that she is a farmer in the making!
• • •
The Ontario Cattlemen’s Association is sponsoring a leadership training course in Thunder Bay on Nov. 14-16.
The cost is $150, which will be reimbursed if you complete the three-days course. And the OCA will pay for your accommodations.
For more information, please get in touch with me ASAP as the deadline for registering is fast approaching.
• • •
Just a reminder that the RRFA fall dinner is coming up this Friday (Nov. 2) at the Emo Legion.
Please get in touch with any RRFA director for tickets, whic cost $18 each.