Feeling a little overwhelmed

We certainly shouldn’t be complaining about this beautiful fall weather but many of us are wishing we would get some rain!
My biggest complaint (besides the rain) is the fact it is dark by 8 p.m. now. This limits my daylight hours after work and my precious farming time.
I still have jobs on my list that I was hoping would be done by now. I have been dealing with some things that were not on my list unfortunately.
I was rear-ended a couple of weeks ago after dropping off the lambs at the abattoir. So since them I have been trying to deal with all that.
Fortunately I have wonderful, supportive friends and I was able to borrow a cattle trailer and I have all my cows and calves back at home.
I need to have my own trailer back for next week since it’s the cattle sale week and my friends will be busy hauling all their own cattle.
Sadly I am also partially truck shopping since my truck was pushed into the gate post her at EARS and the cosmetic damage is more costly that my truck is valued at.
I honestly feel very overwhelmed right now. Luckily I am still able to drive it—otherwise my friends and family might be getting sick of me!
• • •
On a more positive note, a week or so ago I had a call from a gentlemen from southern Ontario looking to buy a pot-load of cattle at our next sale!
The best part of this story is the fact that he fed some cattle last winter that had “Rainy River Raised “tags in their ear. He liked the cattle so much that he wants a whole load of them this year. So, one small step at a time we are progressing.
• • •
Just a reminder about the fall cattle sale on Sept. 29.
We are very excited that this will also be a “LIVE Internet Sale!”
I have been getting hits from all over Canada and the U.S. looking for the catalogue information once we have all the cattle in. I am so excited about this!
If you need any information about the sale, please get in touch with Philip Krahn our sales barn manager.