Farming has its ups and downs

I can’t believe we are already into the middle of July! Time is ticking away quickly.
We were just commenting this morning at EARS on how we certainly have had quite a stretch of hot weather. (We are not complaining.)
The crops are looking decent. Pretty much the heads are all out on all the now. The canola is nearing the end of the pretty yellow flowers.
We still have a fair share of weeds to deal with. It isn’t always a good idea to try and deal with weeds when the plants are stressed from excessive heat (or moisture).
I had some damage in my oats this year. A few farmers are dealing with some pests as well.
Slugs and cereal army worms are in the crops again. There is never nothing to worry about! If you have drove out near Pinewood, you have likely seen that beautiful field of wheat go down.
The crop would have been wet with the rain and then we had some heavy wind and it flattened it.
These are some of the ups and “downs” of farming.
At the research station last week, we received 66 mm of rain (2.64 inches). I think it varied again across the district.
Though it slowed down haying, it was a much-needed rain for our pastures, crops and gardens.
The weather is still looking a bit unstable, but we decided to keep cutting hay since there is always a chance we will miss the rain.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee spent some time with their 4-H heifers over the weekend.
They had a “spa” day giving them a bath and lots of grooming.
Maddie’s heifer is ready for the fair and Marlee’s heifer is coming along nicely–she just doesn’t walk that great.
I am so happy that she is not getting discouraged though.
They both wanted to go check the cow groups to pick up a cow/calf pair to take to the Emo Fair as well.
Marlee is set on taking her two-year-old with her heifer calf. She would really like to get her in soon, so she can “fatten” he up.
Maddie is thinking ahead and would like to take a cow with a heifer calf. This way the heifer would be trained for next year.
She would like to take her two-year-old, but she has a steer calf.
She thinks the heifer calves all look “just average,” so, we will see. Big decisions.
Marlee is determined to head to the Dryden Fair this year. It is usually a cattle sale, or they are busy with hockey–time will tell.
• • •
I seem to have a sick ewe which is never a good thing.
They don’t normally last too long when sick. I am not sure if it is the heat or what?
I treated her, but time will tell.
The bulldogs and deer flies are out in full force. They bother the cattle, but I think they are really bothering the wildlife as well.
The deer have been really running on the roads and the girls and I seen six bears on Saturday.
We seen a smaller sow with one black cub but and then later we seen a brown sow with two brown cubs and one black one.
Be careful on the roads! My boyfriend/partner hit a deer with his new truck. He wasn’t happy–and he drives slow.
Maybe proves my theory: Drive fast and get past them . . . ?