Farmers getting their fields planted

What a great long weekend! If only we just had one more day–right?
I have to say it won’t go down as one of the warmest weekends of all, but the sun was shining!
Actually, I had to go in and put my long-johns on when I was cutting grass on Saturday.
I remember my good ole friend Gary Teeple telling me: “if you have to wear that many clothes cutting grass, then you shouldn’t be cutting it!” He pulled up on me once in my insulated coveralls.
• • •
My boyfriend/partner had his foot surgery on Thursday.
He cannot put any weight on his foot for six weeks. We were able to rent a few things to make it easier for him–or at least we hope.
He is doing well but does find that his foot swells if he doesn’t keep it up, so hopefully he will respect this and the six weeks will fly by.
He will have a cast change in a couple of weeks and perhaps the lighter cast will make things a bit more comfortable. He and Roxee have went on a few rides with the new side by side and this makes them both happy.
• • •
The weather has been decent for farmers getting their fields planted.
We are lacking a bit of heat to dry things up but lots of progress has been made. We have most of our plots in. We are still waiting on a few trials though.
With our tile issues, we are not planting anything of importance near the back of the station.
We will keep plugging away and filling in areas since it is much easier to look after the land with a crop in it rather than black dirt.
• • •
Most of the 4-H Beef Clubs have started now. The deadline to enter your beef animal with 4-H Ontario is June 1.
Both Maddie and Marlee can participate in 4-H now. Their heifers are getting bred now but they both have a lot of work to do with their animals.
I believe in the 4-H motto: “Learn to Do by Doing!”
• • •
Marlee celebrated her 11th birthday in the country with some of her friends.
They had a sleepover and spent most of their time playing with the animals, four-wheeling and side-by-siding, and–Marlee’s favorite –riding the lawnmower.
They giggled away when they should have been sleeping but, seriously, they won’t want to have country birthday parties much longer, so we just sucked it up.
• • •
If you haven’t purchased your “Canada Day Cash Lottery” ticket yet from the Riverside Foundation, you should consider doing so before Saturday, May 25 to be in for the early bird draw!
The early bird draw is a fishing package for two courtesy of Manitou Weather Station.
The grand prize of $10,000 is made on July 1 each year. It is a great chance to win and at the same time support health care in the Rainy River District.
• • •
Emo will be celebrating this weekend with their annual walleye tournament!
Hope to see everyone out supporting this event and cheering on their favourite team.