Falls always a busy time

Time sure does fly by–it’s already the middle of October!
I’m certainly pleased the weather had changed and we are able to get back on the land. Everyone is in a better mood when the sun shines!
You will see all the farmers hauling manure, combining soybeans, and even baling hay (there’s a lot to do before the next season sets in).
This also is the time of year we vaccinate and de-worm cattle so people will be happy if the yards dry up and you don’t require hip-waders in your corral and handling facilities.
I vaccinated and de-wormed our calves and they are out of the corral now. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how much it had dried up–no rain or freezing at night has made a huge difference.
The cows still will need to be brought in for their vaccine and de-wormer, but I will wait for another month to do them.
As for the sheep, they need to have their vaccines updated and be de-wormed, as well, but we are talking about selling some ewes so won’t do that until we make these big decisions!
Meanwhile, we still are working on getting our lambs to the abattoir. Things are busy at this time of the year so we have to work with tight schedules with the abattoir and our processors.
If anyone is looking for a career change, we certainly could use another meat-cutter.
If you are interested in purchasing lamb or beef, you also could get in touch with me.
• • •
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I missed the Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s gala on Saturday night at La Place Rendez-Vous.
My girlfriends attended and told me it was a great night! The special events committee certainly puts their all into these events and as it was a huge hit once again.
It was a tougher year for them without our Foundation director, but they pulled themselves together and did a great job.
Thanks to the committee that continually makes all its events such a big success.
• • •
It is looking like we have a busy week ahead of us with a cattle sale and final preparations for our Canadian Cattlemen’s Association town hall-style meeting.
James will be out and about looking for cattle entries and lining up the buyers. If you have any questions or would like to confirm animals, you can give him a call at 271-2005.
Just a reminder, we have added on another sale date (the last sale of the year is booked for Saturday, Nov. 4). So if you are unable to get cattle in and hauled for this Saturday, you still have some time!
We are excited about this and hope everyone else is, as well.
Meanwhile, we are confirming numbers for our town hall meeting to ensure we have enough supper, and I am pleased with the number of people who have signed up!
Thanks for doing this and there still is time to sign up if you are interested!
• • •
We officially have started our third round of our “Catch the Ace” fundraising draw, with tickets once again available for $2 each at all locations as before, including the Fort Frances Times, Shoppers Home Health, Badiuk Equipment, Dev-Lynne’s, Stratton Service, JD Junction, Emo Legion, Emo Inn, Village Variety, Suzie’s Hairstyling, and Tompkins Hardware.
They also are available from Louis Bujold, Steve Loshaw, Pat Loshaw, Dale Pollard, Donna Govier, Emma Govier, Lisa Teeple, Jo Bragg, Jason Teeple, Tony Bliss, Gary Foster, Debbie Zimmerman, James Gibson, Shane Bliss, Jen VanZwol, Marg Irvine, and myself.
Be sure to join in on the fun and help support a worthy cause!