Falling into fall chores

Last week was a whirlwind! We were working hard to complete multiple tasks before the Minister’s visit on Thursday. I finally gave up on the fact that getting things all trimmed, mowed and beautiful wasn’t going to happen. In fact, it is the end of the year and the place just isn’t neat and tidy as summer. Then there is the grass that is growing leaps and bounds as if it was June. I stayed late a few nights to try and cut some. We were trying to tackle hops harvest as we were expecting Josh from Lake of the Woods at our Minister’s tour and he would be able to take some dried product back. We were also trying to get our winter wheat planted. We did and was feeling good that it was in the ground only to find out we were still expecting another trial. It just arrived today and unfortunately it is going to be a few days before that gets in the ground with 3.14” of rain and more coming!

I was fortunate to get the chance to go out with Minister Lisa Thompson on Wednesday night prior to or District Tour on Thursday. We went to the Flint House and Duane was gracious to serve us a tasty local chicken appetizer. Our meal and conversation were excellent. The tour on Thursday went very well! The weather held for most of the day. Minister Thompson, Minister Rickford, Rob Lipsett BFO President, Richard Horne BFO Executive Director and Jason Reid BFO Director among many other special guests all said it was a wonderful day! Rob told me that he was extremely humbled by how thankful people were with the hay program that BFO administered. Minister Thompson explained she really felt a positive attitude and community spirit even though agriculture had a very tough season. Minister Rickford seemed generally very proud that he was able to showcase our District something that he works hard for each day. Thank you to all of you that either hosted or showed up support this event. I really felt it was a great day and was so proud of everyone for showing such great appreciation. Despite a tough year, Agriculture is a very valuable industry in our District, and we may be going through a tough couple of years we will rally and be stronger for it.

Saturday saw a great bunch of people at the Sales Barn trying to prepare for our upcoming Cattle Sale. I am nervous as our computers are not ready to go yet. Everyone is assuring me that things are going to fall into place, but I am feeling anxious about it all. I am looking forward to having a sale behind us but leading up to the first one in an all-new facility is certainly causing me some grief. It will be great to have covid behind us and inviting you all up to see our new place! Thank you for showing up people and volunteering to complete many tasks! We hope you know that you are all appreciated, and we hope you feel proud that you are benefiting our entire district!

Sunday was preg-checking, weighing calves’ day at home. This is another job that I seem to get overanxious for. There are too many things to worry about….. will the cows come home?…. will they go in the corral easily?.. what if there is bunch of open cows?….. never mind making the decision on who gets to stay, who must go?,,… do I have enough feed to consider keeping any heifers?….. So, after all that worrying, the cows came home and into the corral great. I only had three open and the only bad one was a 2-year-old that didn’t bred back. The other one was an old cow going through menopause, (bummer part it is my mom’s only cow) and the other one is a cow that raised twins and her calves weighted 1250 lbs, so she has a pretty good excuse. I am still not sure who is getting to stay but I will work on that pre-shipping day. Still not comfortable about my hay supply. I will take a better look at the program announced last week; Agrirecovery.