Fall is starting to move our way

What an amazing long weekend! The weather was great.
I know, I heard a lot of complaints about how hot it was, but haven’t you noticed the cooler evening.
Fall is starting to move our way. Another sure sign is the fact the Emo Fair is just two weeks away.
Maddie and Marlee have been doing their best to get out and work with their animals in between their other commitments.
Their animals are doing well. It is a lot of work getting animals ready for the fair.
I think it looks like a lot of fun, but they don’t get ready over night.
The girls would really like to take the goat, lambs and alpaca to the fair as well.
We will see–we drag so much stuff out there as it is! Every year I think that I will be more prepared and have exhibits made early but for some reason that never happens.
I am afraid Maddie has inherited my traits of stressing our and feeling overwhelmed by large lists of things to do!
So far, Marlee doesn’t get herself in as much of a knot. Lucky girl.
• • •
My summer student, Claire, headed back to Ottawa last week to start her last year of school.
Nick and I are sad that she is gone but we are happy that she is getting her thesis completed!
The three of us really worked well together and learned a lot from each other. I spend most of my time with my students and these guys really made it easy for me.
Nick and I have will have our work cut out for us for the rest of the month. I will be off next week for the Emo Fair and we will then be full swing into harvest of our cereal crops I am sure.
We closed the station on Friday so we could have an extra long weekend. Turned out that I came in on Saturday to bale up our second cut.
I could have left it, but they were talking we could get some rain. It could have been a much shorter job that it turned out to be, but I was having troubles with the baler.
I gimped it through, but it now needs to be looked at.
It looks like the Canada geese are moving in so we will start chasing and using the disco balls that are supposed to keep them away.
If you are driving past keep an eye out for our sunflower block.
It should be in full bloom by the end of the week and will look stunning as we have a really good stand this year.
• • •
If you want to walk and talk pasture you should join in on Emo Feeds pasture night tonight (Aug. 7) at 6:30 p.m. at John Sawatzky Farm.
He would appreciate you letting him know if you are coming so give him a text or call at 271-3216.
• • •
Just a quick reminder that farms will be busy on roads again with hauling hay, combines will soon be going.
Be patient–we are just doing our jobs, stay safe, take a deep breath and enjoy the views.
• • •
Just a reminder that if you are looking for a job at the Emo Fair get in touch with James Gibson at 271-2005.
They are looking for people for paid positions or volunteering for community hours.
If you have time to volunteer at the 4-H food booth get in touch with Tami LeBlanc at 275-6432!