Fall harvest underway

It was a decent long weekend for us, provided you survived the crazy winds on Sunday night. We ended up with no power, so it seemed like a dark, long evening. I had some office jobs planned for that evening, so they had to wait. We were entertained by Black Bettie who performed for us as she was the only one that was enjoying the quiet time and all eyes on her. Marlee and I debated on trying to colour by candlelight but decided that it might be too hard on our eyes.
We decided that we best harvest our pumpkin patch at home. I planted two plants in a pile of sheep manure. The plants were huge and overrun the manure pile, but it wasn’t easy to see if we had many pumpkins. I did very little with the plants all summer long. We ended up with 41 large pumpkins! From two plants! We are going to harvest our squash and pumpkins at EARS so next week I can report on how well we did. The frost warnings are triggering harvest time for many. It is a couple weeks early for frost, but this year has moved along quickly so I guess we cannot be too shocked.
Last Friday Katie and I decided to give our last wheat trial our best effort. It was far from dry, but time is ticking, and I was getting nervous about the geese arriving and cleaning things off for us. We had started the wheat trial earlier in the wheat and just got going nicely and we had a big break-down. We did it, we finished it. It was far from easy. We were stuck and at one point in the plot we had to drive circles around the plot in order to get lined up to combine. No complaints, we finished, and it seemed to be decent yields. We only have three canola trials left to combine. We should have had a pea and soybean trial, but the deer finished those off for us. It is very frustrating. We will have to put a fence up right from the start next year. This is a huge pain as we will have to move it every time we need to complete a task on the trial. We have two large winter wheat trials to get in the ground as well, but we are waiting on the last of the seed to arrive. The sooner the better. If we wait too late, we risk not being successful.
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association have some plans to start some of their major upgrades right away. They have a few things to nail down but they will most likely be looking for some volunteers. We have three big sales yet this fall and if we could get some of our new penning it will be a lot safer and more efficient for both our staff and our cattle. Watch for an email from me with work dates!
How about the Riverside Foundation raffle that was drawn on September 7? Congratulations to Allison Cox for running a super successful 50/50 draw! The winner took home $23,825! The proceeds are to purchase new bladder scanners. I just keep thinking how excited my dad would have been about this!