Fall cattle sale this weekend

If you stop and think about it this past weekend was one of the few wet weekends, we have had in a long time. I was of course planning on doing good weather projects but when that wasn’t the case, I managed to tackle things in my house that needed to be done and it left me feeling quite pleased. Sunday was our day long power outage, so we managed to do some projects that didn’t require Hydro.

I made the decision to keep my calves until the October 21sale, so I am trying to keep everyone happy by setting out some older hay to keep them full since the pasture is looking sparse. I will bring a couple cows to this sale and my vet cousin is selling her calves so I will still be hauling. Which brings me to more stress as my truck is making a noise so I am hoping it will get us there a back a few times. We are trying to organize some new people to learn the process of working at the Sales Barn office. It concerns me that are just a few of us that know the computer set up and program. If time wasn’t always so tight, we should look at having a “mock sale” night and take the time to really go over things. It is on our list of things to do.

The hop harvest is complete, and we are very pleased that we were able to deliver some fresh hops to The Hallet. Andrew was hoping for a wet brew. We were happy to share. The others have been dried down and we are looking to market them yet. We had a few issues with the heavier variety and the harvester, but we managed to get them all finished. Our Three Sisters project is next on the list to tackle. It is going to be slow going since we have a lot of material to get through. A fellow colleague and I agreed that we did a much too good of a job this year with weed control because we have a lot more produce to handle. It is quite a process we must go through, but we will give it our best shot. We are hoping we can get our Winter Wheat in the ground this week but for some reason the seed has been slow getting to us. We are still waiting on one variety but if things dry up and we can plant we will go ahead and plant without it. It should be in the ground by now but for sure by the end of the month.

Just a reminder that you are welcome to come and check out our sales barn this weekend. The sale starts at 8:30 a.m. and we have a fabulous canteen with daily specials. Breakfast is available each morning. If you are looking to work, please reach out to James at 807-271-2005. Cattle prices are very strong right now and we looking forward to a great sale.