Fall cattle sale a success

We have another cattle sale behind us! We sold 1226 head for $2,409,104.00. The steer prices were comparable to other sales across the province with heifers a slight bit softer. We changed it up at this sale and sold the feeder cattle first and the cull cows & bulls at the end and we think it went well. I am using the word think as it still early that we may not have received all the feed back. Luckily it was still daylight when we were selling these cows as many of them were a bit nervous and the staff had to be extra careful. The canteen ladies knocked it out of the park once again with some excellent food all weekend long.

Katie and I continued harvesting our Three Sisters project, but we are still not finished. The weather conditions are not making it all that enjoyable. As well we seemed to be feeding a racoon or two. They are making a heck of a mess and there isn’t one cob of corn left for us. You may have noticed that the Nussbaumer Family came in with a heavy disc and flattened out our tile piles. It looks much nicer, but it is still tricky crossing some of these areas – especially with the wet conditions. The tile drainage is going to be an ongoing project in hopes of getting things back to normal after a few more fixes. The University is budgeting the repairs over the next few years. We need to be patient. (Something that I am not good at.)

I was trying to get home from the sale Saturday night a bit earlier as I was flying out to Guelph on Sunday. Of course, we had a couple of errors that took us a bit to figure out, so it was later than it needed to be. I am back home again and feel like I walked to Guelph and back but after a couple good nights of sleep in my own bed I think I will pull through. I have my calves all weaned and sold and wish the rain would move on as it is really making things messy. I moved my cows to some grass to keep them pre-occupied, so they weren’t standing in the mud at the barn bawling for their calves.

Sounds like the abattoir / processing is backed up a bit and it might be sliding some dates around. I dread that – more so for my lambs than my beef.

Just a quick reminder – our next and final sale is November 4. We will be selling the feeder cattle at 8:30 a.m. Following the feeder cattle and I am saying APPROXIMATLEY at 4 p.m. – we will be selling bred cows. We have a dispersal herd coming in from Thunder Bay. They are red and black angus cows, bred to Speckle Park and the bull is coming as well. Cows range from 3 to 7 years old, and the herd is VBP+. The cows will be preg checked at the Sales Barn. The cull cows and bulls will sell at the end again. Don’t forget to come and enjoy some of the homemade food at our canteen!