Fair coming up fast

Here we are the week before the Emo Fair week! Yikes! So much to do and little time to do it.
I ended up taking last Friday off and having the girls out to work on “Fair Stuff.”
I can honestly say they have trained their calves on their own.
I have to help tie them but after that they are doing the pulling and the pushing. They are certainly building a lot of “hockey muscles!”
It really proves that when you do stuff on your own you have a great deal more sense of accomplishment—and this is very clear with the girls and their calves.
We have a rule that you cannot let go of the rope no matter what and even though Marlee’s calf was running pretty much full speed she hung on and got her stopped!
We have seven animals in and all clipped. Two of the yearlings—the ones I am supposed to be working on are not quite as good as the girls’ work but I am hoping we will still have time to get them dialed in.
Maddie’s yearling heifer is going to be the “Guess the Weight” heifer so come with your $1 and see how close you can get.

Something else you should be planning to check out at the Emo Fair is the dunk booth!
Gary Foster with Freedom 55 is planning to operate the dunk booth on Friday and Saturday from noon-5 p.m.
He is offering the proceeds to Rainy River 4-H and Emo Minor Hockey. He has asked me to sit in the booth.
For those of you that know me, know that I am scared to death of water and I cannot swim.
I have agreed to do it because he has offered to do this for these two groups. (I may wear a life jacket though!)
I have also got some other great people lined up to do this, like Geoff Gillon, Jason Teeple, Jordan Desserre, Deb Zimmerman, Char Bliss, Jason Tessier, Sue Pelepetz and Riley Caul.
I will start stressing about this next week, but in the meantime plan to come on out and show support please!

Things are starting to really ripen up here at EARS. We will likely be starting to combine this week.
I have lots of measurements to take this week but things are progressing quite nicely.
Of course that also means the time is getting close for my students to be packing up and heading on as well, so we need to make the most of our next three weeks.
Let’s cross our fingers for good weather again and we have a pleasant harvest.

Today should be our last day of baling hay at home–but our baler broke last night!
I am hoping we are able to get things fixed up and still tackle it later. Shane came out and cut all day on Saturday while I worked with cattle.
We haven’t made any small square bales but it looks like that will have to wait until the second cut this year.
My unpaid farm hands haven’t been 100 percent. Shane had stents put in and my momma had some surgery so I have been missing them.
But in the big picture—the breakdowns, the weather, the lack of square bales don’t really matter—as long as you have your friends, family and unpaid farmhands!
Enjoy your week!