Emo Fair week is here

Well, here we are—Emo Fair week!
The sad part of that is the fact that fall soon follows.
August for me really passes by quickly. I spend most of the time stressing that I don’t have stuff ready for the fair!
My BFF tells me I need to priorize and consider cutting back! I told her it wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have to work and do my regular home chores.
And my regular housework is hurting right now. My house is messy and dirty, and looks like it does every Emo Fair.
We’ve had just enough rain the last little bit that my lawn has taken off but I don’t want to waste all the hours on a lawn mower! We should be cutting 2nd cut to avoid the critical cutting period in the fall, but I just don’t have the time.
But like always, the work waits and it will be there ready for us to tackle once we are done playing at the Emo Fair.
My great-aunt Ruby started me off many years ago entering a few crafty things and I still try to do that today. I even try to enter a bit of baking (something that I certainly don’t excel at!)
It is still fun to just have something entered!
• • •
We finished combining most all of our plots here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. We worked hard last week to get as much done as possible since Josh was leaving for another job.
Unfortunately, we had troubles with our forage harvester and we still have some plots that Dave and I will have to tackle next week after the Emo Fair. So we will be busy following the fair since that will be my last week with a student.
I will have a few weeks of depression—once both my boys are gone!
I’m not sure what the yields are like on farm, but the grain feels much lighter. We will see once we have time to start cleaning samples.
• • •
Our first fall cattle sale is fast approaching, as well. Philip Krahn, the sales barn manager, has been out making some farm visits.
It is slated for Saturday, Aug. 25—the same weekend as the Dryden Fair. As well this year, the Dryden Trappers Association is hosting a summer meeting.
It would have been a great year to take cattle to Dryden as my boyfriend/partner would have been able to participate in the trappers’ meeting and visit his family. But I feel too guilty about missing the cattle sale, so I won’t be able to go.
My boyfriend/partner was telling me that he would just go and take my cows!
• • •
I am going to have to say good-bye to my old Red Angus bull that has been around here for seven years now. He is heading to the abattoir this week.
He actually doesn’t look that old and still is strutting his stuff around. I will miss him and his sometimes a bit miserable ways. We are lucky to have some real good daughters from “red bull!”
• • •
I sure hope to see everyone at the fair as it is an exciting time for many people!
I’m happy that we seem to have Maddie and Marlee interested in continuing the tradition of participating in the fall fair. They are suppose to be working on a few crafts, just like the way my great-aunt Ruby got me started and, of course, they are excited to show off their animals—Cale and Lane!
Don’t miss out on the 4-H events. The kids work hard and appreciate people looking at their projects!