ELK! Help! Calving underway

Well, I had a little melt-down this weekend. I have told you about the elk that end up here every winter and how I try to feed them south of my place to keep them away from my cows and my stored hay. Naturally this year I wasn’t planning on feeding them with the hay shortage but of course they moved in with the cows. I took them the less desirable hay and they were still coming and going from my yard eating on some silage bales that I purchased but they have now moved into my hay yard. I am very unhappy. Today while I was trying to move hay over to my place, I found that they have destroyed roughly 12 bales. I tried to pick them up only to make a huge mess. I cannot afford to waste any hay! I am going to try and figure out a way to pick up any of the loose hay but that won’t be easy and then to get it over to my place is another thing. With the hay that I have already fed them this year, it works out to be about 2 weeks or more of feed for me. Hay is near $200 a bale this year and then to find it and get it here. I am very unhappy. We tried setting up bear alarms, but they destroyed them. We are going to try a radio and hanging something up that might scare them away. I am all about caring for the wildlife, but this is not a good situation at all. Any suggestions on how to keep them away – please reach out to me!

Calving is rolling along well with 4 calves born today and I finally got some bull calves. The first 8 were all heifers. I am grateful the weather has changed for the better, but I am hearing another cold night is sneaking in yet this week. My barn is filled right up now, and I dream about building a big open barn that I could stack all the close cows in. Sleep has been limited and it has caught up to me in a big way. Last week I was tied up with meetings as well but thankfully my mom was my cow checked and we got through the week quite well. Lexi has started doing a bit more barn time with me now but still doesn’t get up through the night with me.

This Saturday another Work-Bee at the Sales Barn will take place. They have a good plan on what they need to finish up in the old pole barn to ensure we are prepared for our April Cattle Sale. If you have time and a few tools and friends bring them along. Work-Bees start around 9 a.m.

I am happy that we are moving into March as we are that much closer to green grass. I am really hoping that the snow and cold weather are behind us but I can clearly remember my grandma telling me that March can be a snowy one.