Eight more calves to come and the full-time job scales back

Another busy week of calves and I am happy to say as I write this, I only have eight left to calve! Six of them will be soon and the other two seem to be on their own schedule. Many of my calves are sporting some cool names from our Olympians. This has been a tradition of mine but as I look through my list my past Olympic names cows are all gone. I will certainly have no problem finding a heifer to keep this year since most of my calves are just that, heifers! I am looking forward to some sleep, but I am not quite there yet.

Exciting news from Riverview Farms in Sleeman. One of their cows had triplets and they are all fine! That is a rare occurrence but very exciting! I understand the cow has had twins the last two years and now this! She is one heck of a cow!

So far, the contraption of radios, spotlights and some tin pie plates seem to be keeping the elk from the hay yard. I am just nervous on how long that will last. Normally as the snow melts, they spend less time here but if you look at the long-term weather it is not looking like we will have much for snow melt for a bit.

Lexi had her sister over to play and Berkley (Marlee’s dog) over the weekend. She is much smaller that both, but she is by far the worst troublemaker going. Both the other dogs were tired and ready to take a break from the dog play but not Lexi – she kept things rolling. She ended up getting some time outs, but she forgot quick. The joys of having two young dogs around! Lexi has also discovered all the good things about calving… good things according to a dog. Dogs love to get into calf poop because it is mainly milk and if they can get a taste of the afterbirth, they think they are in heaven. She is a little too brave around some of the cows, so she is likely to get herself into some trouble yet before calving is over. This is one of the reasons I am not too crazy about her sleeping with me and giving me kisses.

This is my last week of full-time farming. Next week I will have to work harder to be on a better schedule and I am hoping that I will be getting a bit more sleep by then. We have several new trials that we have been working on for the Research Station. I don’t think I will be getting into the building next week but at this point I just need a computer and phone to do my work. Time sure moves quickly!

Just a quick reminder to my Beef Friends, if you are not enrolled in the RMP Program, I strongly suggest you investigate it. I think it is well worth your time. The deadline to enroll is April 1. Contact Agricorp for more information and to sign up. The cost of production for calves is going to be crazy this year and I really feel this program will help you!