EARS students held down fort

Here we are–middle of June!
I don’t know about you, but I am still waiting on some summer weather.
Though, as you talk to others we here in Rainy River District are really in pretty decent shape as compared to our friends to the east and the west.
I just returned from Barrie and the weather wasn’t great at all.
Their crops were barely out of the ground and there were some fields not even planted yet.
Myself and Deb Zimmerman were gone to celebrate Destiny Woolsey’s graduation!
It was a great trip; we had such a good time and I am so proud of Destiny!
Debbie and I took our first Uber ride and we survived!
He was actually a very nice fellow and we had a great visit.
• • •
My students were holding down things at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.
Like everyone, just keeping the grass cut these days is challenging.
They also hosted Our Lady of the Way class tour. I was so proud of them for agreeing to go ahead with their visit.
It is a tough time of the year for a tour since things are just getting started.
Word is the tour went well. Wagon rides are usually a pretty big hit.
• • •
This week is a busy meeting week. I normally prepare for meetings on Sunday nights but we ended up in Thunder Bay for an unexpected doctor’s appointment for my boyfriend/partner.
These next two weeks I have to really focus on getting all the odd jobs completed because we will be haying soon!
You may have noticed that the dairy farmers have started to hay. They go for quality and beef guys tend to lean a bit more to quantity.
This means a whole new list of things to take care of and prepare.
• • •
My neighbours celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary over the weekend. Yes, 70 years!
Amazing and best wishes to Fred and Grace Angus.
• • •
Our former ag rep Dan Rose called me to let me know that Dick Heard had passed away.
Dick was also a former ag rep. Many of you will remember Dick’s son, John Heard, who was our research co-ordinator in the ’90s.
Dick’s funeral will be held this Tuesday.
• • •
I hope that all the fathers out there had a great day!
I didn’t even get to see mine since they were off this weekend at a country music festival.
We are hoping we can celebrate another time in the near future.