EARS opened for season

Hard to believe we are already at the end of March!
Time certainly does fly by, and with the weather being rather decent, it certainly has everyone thinking about spring and all the jobs that go along with that.
I opened up the Emo Ag Research Station (EARS) today, am putting in two days and then off for Good Friday!
It’s nice to ease myself back into working every day. The challenge for the next couple of months is scheduling my time to get chores taken care of as well.
It always works out but it does take a few days of getting use to it. Some of it is me disconnecting; I don’t have to be constantly looking out the window to see what the cows are doing!
Guess that isn’t always the case anyway as I sat in my office most of the afternoon one day this week and I think I heard a cow bawling a few times but I blamed it on the bull.
Much to my surprise when I ventured out of the office at chore time most of my cows and calves were in the yard quite near to the house!
The gate was left open so it wasn’t their fault and with my right hand partner, Roxee, we had everything back in place in a few short minutes!
It looks like we likely are moving our sheep over to the barn on the weekend since most of the ewes are showing signs that they will be lambing in the near future.
It is such a different spring that they might be fine in their area but if it turns cold it would be too hard on the little lambs.
We are also shopping for a new bunny since we lost our old bunny (Mr. Wilson—a spayed female—and yes, Mr. Wilson), so if possible that might be a good adventure for the upcoming Easter weekend.
Brownee, the rabbit that we still have , got a call last night to head up to Clover Valley Farmers’ Market this weekend to be a part of some picture sessions they are hosting.
Brownee often spends some time in town when the girls take him home for some town days.
Hopefully everyone will take some time to check out the market over the weekend. You can bet that Donna will have a wonderful display.
• • •
It was a beautiful tribute to a life taken too soon last Thursday at the ’52 Canadians ice-surface.
It seemed quite fitting to have such a wonderful good-bye in a place that likely served so many good memories to Scott.
The words spoken were so bravely spoke. I will miss my waves as Scott drove by EARS on his way to or from work.
It seems unfair that such a great person would be taken away from all those in his life that he mentoring.
It was great that he lived his life so fully and honestly and someone with all that talent and skill will definitely have impact on many for years to come.
I wish Kim and his kids all the best in some challenging times and years ahead.
• • •
Happy Easter to everyone; take the time to enjoy your family and friends and it would be great if you included local food in your meal!