Early trials looking good

Well, it was wonderful busy time here in Rainy River District last week.
We didn’t have much rain, but enough to keep us off the land for a few days at the agricultural research station in Emo.
The earlier planted trials all have emerged and are looking good. We are now working on finishing off some other areas of EARS, and by the end of the week it should be safe to plant our soybeans.
It is a real treat to have both my boys back from last summer since they remember the process and it certainly speeds things up nicely.
• • •
Last Thursday was “Embryo Day” as I had 12 cows scheduled to receive embryos. The veterinarian doing the work came in from Manitoba.
I hauled my cows over to Cornell Farms so all the work could be done at one place, although I had to make two trailer trips. I left “Blaze” home since the bull had escaped and possibly paid her a visit.
While I was hauling my cows, they were flushing the embryos out of the two cows at Cornell’s. I ended up with nine suitable candidates and received nine fresh embryos.
Cornell’s used two fresh embryos and the remainder were frozen ones. It was a fun day and so nice to get a chance to hang around with Rebecca, who just finished her second year of vet college.
Now we wait and cross our fingers that some of these cows will settle with the embryos in them.
• • •
“Roxee” had her final booster shot and should be up to date for a year now. We made a quick stop at the MNR office in Fort Frances and she enjoyed visiting the staff upstairs and downstairs!
Her next vet appointment likely will be to get spayed. As much as I’d love to have puppies, I know I would have too hard of a time letting them go to new homes.
• • •
I worked late Friday night at home so that I wouldn’t feel so guilty about spending the day at the auction on Saturday. Becky decided to spend the day with me at the auction, so I was even more excited since we mainly have a “texting relationship” (we rarely see each other).
The sun was shining brightly and many farmers decided to spend the day at the Gemmell Farm. It was so nice to see so many people (especially my good-looking friends, Sheldon and George!)
There were all kinds of neat things at the auction and between myself, Becky, and Jason, we needed two trucks to haul our treasures home!
I still haven’t got the table I purchased all the way home yet!
Unfortunately, I had to leave before they sold the farm equipment—Maddie and Marlee were with me and poor Mar wasn’t feeling good, and seemed to be getting worse, so we thought we best pack up as much as we could and be on our merry way.
It was a great day, though!
After making some supper, it was time to do chores and I had a cow to artificially inseminate. I still had my two helpers with me, so there were a lot of questions about what I was doing!
When I was done and we were walking back to the house, Maddie asked, “So what exactly did you feel in there?”
• • •
A busy week ahead of us again. We are hosting the Fort Frances Nursery School and I still have a fair amount of preparation ahead of me.
Then on Saturday, we have a person coming in from Thunder Bay to shear sheep across the district. I am really hoping this works out and he will come annually.
• • •
I need to wish my youngest niece a very happy birthday for yesterday (May 15), who turned four this year.
Happy birthday, Marlee!

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