Dry, cool days better than being too wet

Many are talking about needing a nice warm rain and how our mornings are still cool.
Both are likely true, but I will take dry, cool days over wet anytime. It will happen–it always does.
It is looking like tomorrow we will see some rain and the grass will grow and we will be wearing shorts and showing off our white skin in no time at all.
The work you can accomplish right now without the moisture outweighs the other. We are slowly progressing here at EARS with a fair bit planted–but we still have a fair bit to go.
Many farmers have seeded thousands of acres in comparison but we have some fiddly plots that take time to set up. We haven’t switched over to small seeds (other than canola) but that will happen this week provided the weather cooperates.
Let me tell you, I am very behind on the paperwork but like I said–the rain will come and I will get that under control as well.
• • •
This week was supposed to be our sheep shearing week but once again our person has cancelled. So if you know of anyone that might be interested at all, please get in touch with me.
We pay well and it is a job that needs to get taken care of!
• • •
You may have noticed that we were approved for our second “Catch the Ace” lottery! Get your tickets quick, as we will be pulling the ticket this week on Friday at the annual Rainy River First Nations fish fry at 5 p.m.!
If you are not sure where to find the tickets, please let me know!
• • •
As well, this week the Riverside Foundation will be making their early bird draw for the Canada Day Cash Lottery. The early bird prize is a fishing package for two at Manitou Weather Station. Every ticket has 20 chances to win and the money stays right here to help ALL our health care facilities.
Get our ticket before Thursday to be included in the early bird.
• • •
We had a delegation of Northern Ministry of Ag and Food staff through the district last week. It was great that they toured a farm at each end of our district so they can see what a large district we live in.
Many people were busy on the land so they may not have had as much interaction with the producers but it is good that they were able to see how busy everyone is.
Some parts of Ontario are still struggling with weather. I didn’t have much to show them yet here at EARS but we did have a chance to share with them some of our exciting projects we have planned.
• • •
Last week they also made an announcement in Timmins called “Ontario Expanding Agriculture Opportunities in the North.” Ontario is working to increase access to local food, create jobs and boost economic growth in the North by establishing a livestock farming pilot project.
I am pleased they are looking at the North, but I think they are over-looking the producers that are here and have been here for many years.
Our government keeps talking about access to local food but yet we are all struggling to keep the door of our small abattoirs open.
I really believe that our farms would grow if we were paid fairly.
We farm with the intention of making money but many of us have off-farm jobs that help pay the bills. I sure don’t want to be negative about this announcement but it certainly gives me mixed feelings.
• • •
Today Marlee is celebrating her ninth birthday, but when I called her she was still feeling eight yet. So whenever the “ninth” feeling sets in, I sure hope it is a good year for her!