Double digits in long-term forecast

Some double-digit temperatures finally are appearing when I checked the long-term weather forecast.
It won’t happen soon enough for most of us!
Despite the cold temperatures and the extra work to keep water lines thawed out, the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association’s spring cattle sale on Saturday in Stratton was quite successful.
Unfortunately, the cattle market has dropped about 10 cents/pound over the last week. We always like the producers to be happy with the sales, but we have no control over the market, either.
I was pleased that our online customers were able to purchase roughly $150,000 worth of cattle. They certainly bid on a lot of cattle throughout the day, too.
We sold 1,357 head in all, and also had some nice large lots of cattle from some good cattle people in our district. Total sales reached $1,173,409.26.
Now that we are set up with DLMS, the RRCA is hoping to explore some further marketing opportunities.
We would welcome anyone with ideas or suggestions to contact us, and would appreciate someone volunteering to sit on this committee.
• • •
We had some lambs arrive over the weekend—two sets of twins actually. They were both from Marlee’s ewes, which causes some troubles between the girls.
And the twins are all females, so Maddie is concerned hers will be all boys (and the deal is the boys have to be sold!). As such, we had a bit of drama.
Still, the lambs are adorable. You will find my mom over at my place cuddling lambs for the next few weeks.
• • •
I’ve been corresponding a bit with a fellow who is planning to move back to Rainy River once he retires in January. He is hoping to do some horticulture work once he’s living here.
He is looking into establishing a community greenhouse, which would be based on the GH365 passive solar greenhouse systems that have been developed in Thunder Bay.
The Fort Frances Horticultural Society actually is sponsoring a talk about this neat technology on Tuesday, May 21 at 2 p.m. at the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre.
This is such a great plan given the interest in growing more local food and being able to feed ourselves!
I think I’ll continue to write about this as time and room permits!
• • •
Just a quick reminder that the Rainy River Stewardship Committee only has a few trees left (red pine, white spruce, and cedar).
Please let me or Jeff Johnstone know if you are interested in some.