District starting to dry out

We’re crossing our fingers that the weather will hold up and we’ll get our soybeans into the ground this week!
We were hoping to do so last week but it was just too wet.
We did try mowing the grass and left some tracks, but that chore was long overdue.
Fortunately, the weather this past weekend certainly should have made some improvements in drying and I’m sure many lawn mowers were going right across the district.
My cows, meanwhile, anxiously are waiting for green grass. It is dangerous to start the four-wheeler these days since they’re sure that means it is time to go!
My plan is to hold off until at least this weekend.
• • •
I was lucky to be a part of a special wedding over the weekend. Jason and Chantelle were married and I was honoured to be Jason’s “best man!”
They picked a beautiful weekend and a great time was had by all–we wish them many years of happiness and fun!
• • •
It was an early morning for me on Sunday since Marlee was celebrating her seventh birthday at my place with a bunch of her friends.
At one point in my life, I might have been able to just stay awake all night and host the birthday party but not anymore!
My friends, Maria and Destiny, helped organize the “Barnyard Olympics” and it seemed to be quite a hit. We did egg-and-spoon with the kids while they were riding the horse–the egg feel twice but didn’t break (and no, the egg wasn’t boiled!)
We will be doing the same thing again this weekend as Maddie celebrates her ninth birthday (though I’m hoping I have a little more sleep before this party!)
• • •
Hats off to the staff and students at J.W. Walker School for a wonderful performance of “The Wizard of Oz!”
I only was able to make one performance but it was very enjoyable.
It also was great to see so many young students involved and learning the way of public performances!
• • •
Brent Newman & Rough Cut Pine will perform Monday, June 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the barn at Cornell Farms!
Not only is the barn turning 100 years old this year, organizers also have turned this into a fundraiser for the Community Chest–a wonderful group that supports district residents in need of finances for medical emergencies.
If you have auction items to donate, drop them off at the Emo Agricultural Research Station, Cornell Farms, or the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market.
They are looking for interesting items with a rural or farming theme (unique food packages or meat packages would be most welcome).
To better organize this event, it would be best if the items were dropped off prior to June 13.
• • •
A reminder that Pine River Ranch in Pinewood will be hosting a farm auction on Saturday, June 6.
The Brielmanns are selling off their livestock equipment and it will well worth your while to attend!
If you are looking for a poster, let Telford or Peggy Advent know and they’ll be happy to get you one.