District loses strong booster

Sadly, Rainy River District lost one of its strongest supporters last week.
I received the sad news late Friday night that Linda Armstrong had lost her battle to cancer.
Linda loved agriculture and her community. She had great passion about the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and was a part of that organization for many years.
Linda was a strong person and wouldn’t not back down from much. She used her strength to battle cancer but, unfortunately, it ended up winning—but not without lack of trying.
She enjoyed—and was proud of—her many years managing the Farm Progress Building at the Emo Fair each year.
She also was longing to make hay this year and felt setting goals like this helped her battle this horrible disease.
We will miss her dearly, but she never will be forgotten because of the large impact she’s made in our district.
I am saddened that I will unable to attend her funeral because I have a prior commitment out of town.
I know that Linda would understand that I am off to a meeting since she attended many herself, but I would love to be there for her family.

Alas, I’m continuing to complain about this weather! Honestly, it is driving me crazy.
Here we are well past the middle of July and we barely have started haying. Even when we are not supposed to get rain, we are getting it.
I think the only thing it is good for (besides forest fires) is your lawn—and there isn’t even enough dry time to get it cut.
We attended the wedding of Matt McQuaker and Erika Mann over the weekend in Steinbach, Man. and they are fighting the weather, too.
You see good crops, bad crops, hay that has been rained on numerous times, and plenty of standing water when you look across a field.
Part of our province is complaining about the drought–hard to believe things can be so different.

The Emo Agricultural Research Station is preparing for its annual open house and crop tour next Thursday (July 28) at 7 p.m.
We have some guests coming in for the day and I have arranged for a drone to fly at EARS that evening!
I am so disappointed that our tile is not working well and we have lost many plots near the back of our station.
Some near the highway are not looking so wonderful, either, but I’m hoping we still will be able to collect data.
The weather has stalled our process of installing our hops yard, as well.
Meanwhile, another project that will be established this fall at EARS is a tree plot that will be planted by the local Youth Stewardship Rangers.
Maybe the wet weather will make it easier to grow trees.
We did wonder how easy it would be to water the tree seeds but I don’t think we need to worry much about that.