District loses another volunteer

Sadly, our district lost another good man over the weekend.
Aarne Hahkala was actively involved in the community for many years and always willing to tackle any task–big or small.
He was a great board member for the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Associawtion and a strong supporter of the Stratton sales barn. He volunteered many hours at the barn through our recent upgrades and attended many work bees.
A few years back, on some of our bus trips to Agribition and other such events, we all shared many laughs and a few beverages.
Aarne currently was the treasurer of the Rainy River Regional Abattoir and spent many days volunteering there. I don’t think there is a committee now functioning that isn’t working harder than this group.
This board is committed to making this valuable piece of infrastructure successful, and is working extremely hard right now to keep in from closing completely.
Volunteers like Aarne are hard to find these days as everyone feels they are too busy. But Aarne never complained about his volunteering hours, and always enjoyed a quick visit and a good giggle!
He spoke so highly and proudly of his kids and grandkids. He enjoyed watching the grandkids and travelling on all the hockey adventures. He always had a story about the kids and hockey, and I always enjoyed hearing them.
I work closely with his daughter, Leanne (she is the bookkeeper for the RRCA) and she always spoke so proudly and deeply when she referred to her dad.
At our recent spring cattle sale, I had a nice visit with Aarne. He was telling me how pleased he was with how well his calves had grown and that he thought I should stop and see his bulls as he thought they had done very well!
As a farmer, we love talking about our cattle and find such great satisfaction in sharing our cattle stories with our friends.
If you have ever sat on a board and worked with someone, you know these people become your family and we are losing a great family member.