Deer solution in the works for station

My mom was disappointed that she couldn’t find “Moos” in last week’s paper. So, I start to trace back to last week; “did I write it?” Yup, I could remember writing it because I was talking about our Cattle Sale. Next thought: “did I send it in?” That I couldn’t remember but I was thinking Megan and I usually have a little comment for one another, and I didn’t remember that happening. I did a quick Gmail search and that was the ticket – I wrote it but never sent it. Mondays following the cattle sale are very busy and because it was the last Monday of the month, I also had a hospital meeting over lunch. That isn’t the only thing I forgot…. I have a pair of sunglasses that I like to wear around the farm. I cannot find them anywhere. But what is the most frustrating part is that fact that I can remember thinking to myself when I put them down somewhere, “oh, I won’t likely remember where these are!” So why did I do that and now why can’t I remember! Ugh.

A bit about our cattle Sale! We sold 1560 head for $1,996,688.54. I didn’t crawl into bed until nearly 3 a.m. Sunday morning and the staff was still loading trucks when I pulled out. I think prices were decent for the most part. Now we have got a lot of work ahead of us from here on out to rebuild our entire yard and barn. This is a big task and we have a deadline. Our next sale is August 28th and we all know how things often come up unexpected. Though we are hiring professionals we are still counting on a lot of our members to help and we all know most of them farm and have off farm jobs. But in the end, we are going to have a great place to sell our Rainy River Raised cattle. Stay tuned for updates!

If you are a person that travels past the research station you have likely seen the herd of deer that I am dealing with. After reaching out to others on our regular crop calls, we have investigated some different ways to control these nasty pests in our plots. We have a plan and are just waiting on some supplies to arrive and we are going to give some fencing a try. Until the supplies arrived, I have just put up some shopping bags and others have said it does work in their gardens. Our challenge is that we need something that can be easily moved to other plots, taken down to access the area for spraying and laneway mowing etc. If you have any experience with electric fencing at all you will know that the first shock has to be a good one for it to be effective at all so we are going to do our best to make this happen. We all know that the deer are much more domesticated than they should be. The next step will be hiring someone with a good border collie to chase them, I think!! This does happen at other Stations that battle the Canada Goose problem.

My students started today at the Research Station! I will have two girls working this summer – Katie Hay and Taylor Croswell. I hope it isn’t a sign of weather for the upcoming year with rain happening on their first day!