Decorations on hold; farm work can’t wait

I wish I could invite you to come check out my Christmas lights but don’t do it! I haven’t started. Next weekend I have that scheduled in. I am sure I could have squeezed in a few hours of decorating, but I didn’t! My mom and spent a good part of Saturday in Fort Frances at the Muskie Tea. It was a nice event and sounds like a great fundraiser for the Girls Hockey Team. They were cleaning up and preparing for the Santa Claus parade, but we did some shopping and headed back home! I left my puppy in the house and thought she had been waiting long enough for my return. My mom and I were lucky to get a sneak peak at a beautiful float that the Canada Custom’s Officers were putting together. It was top-notch and I am waiting to hear they took home 1st prize. It was certainly great weather for a parade.

Sunday was a farm day! I decided to take advantage of the great weather and get my cows vaccinated and dewormed. The cows are still getting fed away from the yard so when I went out to open up a few gates and through out a few square bales I noticed the cows were making their way home for a drink. I thought to myself; “this could go great, or it could go south.” Well for all about a dozen it was great. They headed into the corral and were enjoying some 2nd cut but those other 12 knew something was up and headed south. After three or four attempts they finally gave in and headed home. They all received Ivomec (de-wormer), Vision 8 (booster to prevent Clostridal diseases) and Scour Bos 9 (prevention of scours in their calves.) It was great not dealing with cold fingers and frozen needles. They didn’t hang around long after they were through the chute – they trucked off quickly to their feeding area in the bush. The rest of the daylight hours was spent filling of hay feeders for all the animals since I am off to Guelph again for a few days. Off course I always leave chores to do for someone, but I try to make it as easy as I can for my chore helpers.

Last week we had a meeting to discuss our ongoing tile issues at the Research Station. The University is committed to getting things fixed up. We will discuss some plans with the Drainage Contractor and see how we can plan things to do the work but still do our regular trials. I look forward to having that behind us.

I hope everyone plans to head on down to Emo this weekend to check out the Holly Daze parade and store specials! Attending events like this really helps to get you in the spirit! I have got spirit but I don’t have a lot of shopping done so I wonder if there is something that could help me with that?