December sure seems to be flying by

Well, December certainly seems to be flying by!
I was supposed to be heading to the Thunder Bay Soil & Crop Association’s annual meeting but I backed out. It would have meant being away an extra day and this week is jammed-packed as it is.
They won’t miss me as they still will be celebrating the announcement last week that Lakehead University is taking over the Thunder Bay agricultural research station.
This should ease their minds as it has been a struggle keeping funding for their much-needed agronomy station.
When the Emo Agricultural Research Station (EARS) was transferred to the University of Guelph, Thunder Bay’s station was not and they have worked tirelessly to keep the doors open.
I will head off to Dryden to give the Kenora District Soil & Crop Association a brief update on EARS. It will be a quick trip provided the weather co-operates.
As well, the Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association is holding its annual meeting this week, as well. I am double-booked that night but will give it my best effort to make both events.
We have one more abattoir board meeting to get in before we take some time off for Christmas. I am looking forward to staying home!
• • •
My heifer started to improve a bit last week, only to seeming go downhill again, unfortunately. Not sure that I’m going to be able to pull her out of this.
One of the most frustrating parts of having animals is not being able to help or fix them when they need it.
But is just as tough to see them suffer, as well.
• • •
At the weekly “Catch the Ace” draw on Friday, Katelyn Nielson was the lucky winner of the weekly “Catch the Ace” draw held Friday evening.
She had chosen envelope #13, which contained the jack of spades. I have to tell you that as soon as you see you’re pulling out a black card, you get nervous.
But it wasn’t the ace of spades so the progressive pot for this Friday’s draw should be around $4,100.
Be sure to get you ticket, which only cost $2 each for your chance to win!
• • •
Ralph and Jo from our stewardship group hosted us for a fun night of festivities. Skiing, a bonfire, and some good laughter was the agenda for our annual Christmas get-together.
We have a tough executive director, though. Tony made us do a bit of work before we all dispersed.
Thanks to Ralph and Jo for having us all over!
• • •
Last week also was the Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s annual Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t co-operate and we were missing a few of our faces.
But the meal and atmosphere once again was tremendous. Sam, our director, does a wonderful job putting the night together with a fun game and Christmas exchange.
We are sad that this will be our last Christmas supper with Sam as she is moving into a new position.
Sam was a wonderful director and has done an amazing job with our Foundation. During her time, she put into place some great new policies and set the bar high with fundraising abilities.
She will be missed.
• • •
I need at least one more day to finish my outdoor Christmas lighting. Unfortunately, I have a huge pile of lights that are not working this year. I can’t understand why you put them away fine and pull them out to nothing at all.
I am more disappointed when it is the new style LED lights as the talk was they were going to last forever!
Not at my place they’re not!