December sure feeling more like spring

Talk about crazy weather. It was Dec. 15 on Monday yet it looked like April.
It is very wet, slippery, and messy, and personally I’d prefer it a bit cooler and less damp. I know it seems like we are never happy but this is crazy.
My almost step-kid is counting down the days until he gets home for the Christmas break, but he also is counting on riding his brand new snowmachine that is waiting for him.
I know things can change quickly, too.
• • •
We gathered for our annual seafood night over the weekend and we all were complaining about our cows being so wet and dirty (last year we were complaining about how cold it was!)
Nonetheless, the seafood was great and company even better.
Unfortunately, we were missing a few friends—Debbie is laid up with her recent knee surgery and Doug with his hip surgery.
We thought of them as we enjoyed our seafood!
• • •
I was off to Winnipeg on Friday with my mom and Nanny, who had a follow-up doctor’s appointment after her cataract surgery.
The girls needed a sitter Friday night, so Grandpa and my boyfriend/partner were in charge until our return.
Grandpa met the girls in Devlin and planned to take them out for supper. He asked where they would like to go, to which Marlee responded, “Well, where they have lobster and crab.”
And as I was preparing an appetizer for our seafood night, she asked, “What are you making this for?”
When I told her that it was our annual seafood night, Marlee was quick to reply, “Well, I hope I get to go!”
Luckily we were saved by the fact she had hockey, otherwise we would have seen a six-year-old consume a lot of seafood in an evening.
• • •
The girls lost their game on Saturday, as well, and there was one very sad goalie. They have been doing so well that they forgot what it was like to be on the other side of the game.
It was a close score (3-2) and hopefully she’ll quickly move on and realize that sometimes we don’t always win!
• • •
Meanwhile, Marlee is quite concerned that the last few times she has seen me that my hair is getting so white. She actually thought that maybe I had put something in it.
I told her “No, I was just getting old!”
She didn’t like that and responded, “Well, grandpa is not getting white yet!”
• • •
I need to get very serious about getting ready for Christmas. We (after a few hours of searching) found a Christmas tree, which is still in the garage.
I also need to be more serious about shopping!
Santa is arriving early this year for some of my family so I need to be prepared for that—and I only have this week to do so.
• • •
Special thanks to Bill Darby and Deb Cornell for hosting our abattoir Christmas party. Unfortunately, not many made it but the ones who did enjoyed the great food and atmosphere.
It certainly was a foggy, slippery drive but well worth it!