Debentures being sold to boost abattoir

We had a pretty good turnout at our abattoir general meeting last week.
Still, it does make me wonder about some of the producers that didn’t bother to come. Do they not care? Not see the value? Would they not like input? What will they say if we close?
We are selling $500 debentures now (debentures are loans that both the Kitchen Creek Golf Course and the Fort Frances Curling Club used in the past when they went through some challenging times).
I was quite pleased with the uptake following our meeting.
If you are interested in purchasing debentures, or would like more information on this, get in touch with me.
We do have some exciting markets emerging; I’m just concerned about having the cattle now to meet those markets!
• • •
It seems there are a couple of themes going around: 1). everyone is sick of winter and 2). everyone is beginning to get crabby (made me feel better that I’m not the only one).
Winter seems to be sucking the energy right out of me. We only can hope that we should be nearing the end of these stormy days.
It seems we pay for having a nice day, so I’m not sure I want to wish for those brighter days!
• • •
To top off my crabbiness, I received an $1,170.44 hydro bill last week (yes, that is for one month).
I have been complaining about my hydro bill for the last few years but when you call, it seems you land on deaf ears. I’m not sure how they can expect us the make ends meet with bills like this.
I’m more than aware of the harsh winter we’ve had but I live alone, cook rarely, and likely do one load a laundry a week. My concern is that I have something going wrong in my home or barn that is draining power.
I will continue to look into this but in the meantime, I think I’ll look for part-time work so I can pay my hydro bill.
• • •
Many district farms are just getting set to start calving, with most choosing to calve at this time of the year because we should have better weather.
I hope things start to improve so they don’t have to worry about calves freezing or getting lost in the snow. It will be a challenge right now just to clear snow to get them in a comfortable place.
I looked into my handling facilities on the weekend and the snow is still halfway up the sides. I often vaccinate my cows and calves the first weekend of April, but it looks as though that will be postponed this year.
• • •
The sun was powerful Sunday and I thought I was going to have to pull out the sump pump just to get the water out of the barn.
Luckily, after digging a few trails, the water drained away and we didn’t drown the cattle in the barn.
The sheep, meanwhile, are starting to look like lambing, so we will have to move them into the barn likely on the weekend.
• • •
I hope to see everyone at the cattle information night tomorrow (April 3) at 7 p.m. at the Emo Inn.
The evening is sponsored/hosted by Cornell Farms and the Nor-West Animal Clinic.
• • •
Windy Ridge Farms (the Carl Martin family) are hosting their “Open Barn Day” next Wednesday (April 9) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
It’s a great opportunity to see a brand new dairy barn.
The cows are milked in a parlour (if you don’t know what that is, come and find out!)