Deadline for data looming

Here we are in the last week of November!
I’m supposed to have all my data finished by Friday. I’m not sure that I am going to make the deadline but I will try my best.
We still haven’t finished cleaning seed. We can see the end but it’s not over yet.
My help’s contract was finished last Friday but I’m still hoping they might give me a few more days with her.
Last week, a group of interested Stratton sales barn staff headed out to Winnipeg and Grunthal to tour and explore their facilities and operation procedures. Unfortunately, I felt I best stay back and keep on researching since these deadlines are so near.
I understand they had a great trip and felt it was well worth their time.
• • •
Congratulations to the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society, which successfully filled its board to capacity at the annual meeting last week.
James Gibson is now the president, and we wish him and the board a successful upcoming year.
The RRVAS always is looking for suggestions to keep the Emo Fair exciting and inviting so if you have any input, they would be more than happy to hear from you.
• • •
Delton Martin and I attended the Beef Farmers of Ontario regional meeting last Thursday in Thunder Bay.
We were hoping to hear more “guts” on the proposed Northern Beef Herd Expansion program but they still are not available.
We understand the program is looking at 250 cows on 2,000 acres but the hard details still are awaiting approval from government.
We certainly are hoping this will be available for Rainy River District, as well.
• • •
One of the summaries that I have completed for 2014 is the weather. I have a spread-sheet that I started in 2000 (I certainly could go back years prior but felt this was a good start).
It is very interesting that we ended this year with only 1950 CHU (Corn Heat Units), which was tied with 2004 as the coldest year.
Normal CHUs is around 2350-2450.
Rainfall, meanwhile, came in at 735.4 mm (29.4 inches), which was the record for the wettest year since 2000.
The next closest was 2010 at 717.4 mm.
So it is easy to see why we complained all year about the weather–not only the coldest but the wettest.
It also makes sense why I’m seeing some of the worst yields ever recorded here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.
• • •
On a brighter note, I’ve started my annual Christmas lights display around the yard.
I was fortunate to have Marlee helping me on Sunday, who is pretty sure Santa will appreciate all the lights we are stringing up around the farm buildings.
Since there was a P.D. Day on Monday, the girls were getting to stay out in the country—and even more exciting was they were having a playdate with the Dryden twins!
Charlie and Levi were spending their weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Z., so they arranged for some fun time together.
It is so enjoyable to listen to them all play together–sure makes you smile and enjoy those good ol’ kid days and imaginations!