Days thankfully are getting longer

I was told our days are getting a fair bit longer in the evenings and shortly we will start to see it change in the mornings.
That always helps our too long of a winter!
And even though it’s rather chilly today (Monday), the sun shining makes you (or at least me) feel much better! Believe it or not, I get rather crabby and down when I don’t see the sun for a few days.
The sun cheers me up any time of the year.
• • •
I have been doctoring/pampering a cow now for a bit. “Laura” was the one that aborted in early December and the poor thing ended up with mastitis.
When I first brought her in the barn, she didn’t mind being the only cow in the barn. But now that she is feeling better, she’s looking to join the herd again.
I left her in so that I could soak her swollen udder and keep some udder balm on it. She has greatly improved—thankfully. I’m not sure if her one quarter will milk again but at least she is alive!
Mastitis can be a nasty infection and cows don’t always make it.
She is a really good milker, so I would be willing to give her another chance (I’m known to give my cows another chance though it isn’t always wise!)
• • •
I walk to the bush twice a day to check on my cows right now. As I walked up the other night, a few cows came running to greet me and I knew something was upsetting them.
I called “Roxee” back thinking perhaps it was a wolf or bobcat, but as I entered the bush I could see some long legs.
It was the elk—all 6 of them were eating at one of the round bale feeders and the cows were not impressed.
The two older ones easily could eat right over top of the feed rack (they are a very tall animal). And despite the snow being rather deep, they easily ran off once they got a glimpse of me.
I really don’t want them with my cows, especially now that they are so heavily with calf. I have to admit, though, that it is quite neat to get a good look at them.
• • •
A small group of us participated in “Farm Smart,” the beef symposium at the University of Guelph this past Saturday.
We connected using WebEx, which was a great way to listen and participate in the program right from home!
The agenda was good and all of us who viewed had positive comments for the program. None of us would have been able to travel to Guelph, so this option is a great way to make use of the current technology.
Chapple was kind enough to allow us to use their meeting room to gather and view the conference.
• • •
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association slowly is getting connected on the web. We will be launching our own Facebook page and website shortly.
I will let everyone know once we are online, and will be looking for “likes” and other feedback.
• • •
Speaking of the RRCA, I sure hope to see everyone at the annual meeting tomorrow at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton.
We have a great agenda and it will be worth your while attending!