Crossing my fingers for better week

Here we are the middle of October and it’s a cattle sale week. I am crossing my fingers for a better week!
“Roxee” is doing OK but we made a trip to the vet on Monday because the top of the bandage was slipping. I think she is more upset that she’s done with all her medication because she was really enjoying the pieces of ham we were using to ensure she took it all.
On Saturday, although the weather wasn’t that great, we moved our cattle and lambs around to get everyone is a more “comfortable” spot. The calves were happy to get out of the corral and though it wasn’t the greatest day to Ivomec (de-worm) and vaccinate, I went ahead and did it because if we do end up freezing, it will be a mess trying to get gates opened, etc.
I left them in the shed for a few hours while the steers I was selling to my friends were on the trailer to try and keep their backs dry for the de-wormer to be effective. The butcher animals were moved to clean, dry area (for now).
I sorted out the lambs that were staying and one that needs extra food, and put them in the barn. The others now are living happily in the shed where they don’t have to worry about being wet every day.
We cleaned out the lamb area and moved the alpacas in there, and they were really happy about the new shed they have access to.
I started feeling my cows last week (neither of us were happy about that). I just keep thinking, “Oh joy, this is a job that will finish next June.”
As well, one trip with the tractor and you make a huge mess. And now I find I’m doing chores in the dark in both the morning and night!

So after getting everyone moved on Saturday night, I felt at least better about that. Then I woke up Sunday morning to a dead heifer. It was one of the ones that would be going to the abattoir in the next month.
I had my vet cousin take a look because it was just so strange. Her conclusion was that is was really strange event. It looked like she had a hernia that perhaps ruptured—maybe because she had bloated a bit or maybe because she was on a bit of unlevel ground and her stomach actually blew apart.
She had rumen down her leg and under her udder.
Fortunately, it was a quick death. Sometimes farming really isn’t fun at all.

The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture’ annual meeting and “Mystery Entertainment” is coming up on Saturday, Nov. 3 in Stratton.
Please get your tickets from any RRFA member.

A reminder the Rainy River Regional Abattoir will hold its annual meeting on Thursday, Nov. 22 at 7 p.m. at the Barwick Hall.
We really need to hear from our membership as we would like to talk about other revenue sources!
The abattoir also is able to accept e-transfer now for payments. We are trying to make it easier for everyone.

Barry Potter (OMAFRA) and Dan Ferguson (BFO) are making the trip into Northwestern Ontario next week. They are going to give us an update on the Code of Practise at the sales barn on Wednesday (Oct. 24) at 7 p.m.
Please come and please bring a friend!

As I said, it is cattle sale week and we also are looking to train someone else in the office. We have great staff but we all have jobs and/or young families and it isn’t always easy to get away, especially on Thursday and Friday when cattle are coming into the barn.
You must be comfortable with computers and be able to handle a bit of pressure! Let me know if you are interested.

Have a good week, everyone!