Crazy storm activity

I am writing this “Moos” column by candlelight Sunday night since our hydro was out for the second time that day.
We certainly saw some crazy thunderstorm activity over the weekend. Luckily, we seemed to be on the edge of the hail earlier Sunday and I drove as fast as I could out of it heading to pick up my mom and dad’s dog at Signature Kennels.
I know not everyone was that lucky, though. As I was thinking of winding down Saturday evening, I checked the weather and saw what it was calling for, so I decided to bring my ducks back in the house after only one night out (I was worried about them and the pending storm).
Now tonight (Sunday) I’m worried because it has cooled off and with no power, they have no light or heat.
Everyone around here has taken quite a liking to the ducks and I keep getting told, “We might as well just add a few chickens!”
I haven’t agreed yet!

I was supposed to be heading out of town Saturday night to attend a birthday party in Richer, Man. But because everyone else that is on my list of “chore boys” were out of town, I had to stay home and tend to my animals.
My boyfriend/partner made it to the party and since I was home, I was able to have the girls sleep over. Maddie especially loves the ducks and spent most of her time picking them fresh dandelion leaves and getting them fresh water.
We also still have our lamb that thinks he is dog that sleeps on the deck, tries to jump in the truck when we are leaving, and would sneak in the door of the house if you’re not careful, so there is never a dull moment here.
We just have to warn the company to watch when they are coming and going because the lamb goes wherever he feels like.

Getting back to the weather, the rain needs to move on out of the district now. We are wet and the fields need some drying time now.
Many crops still are looking to be sprayed with herbicide and some with fungicide.
Most of us beef farmers are ready to start making hay, but we will need to take a week off with this amount of moisture. We need some good dry heat now.
I sure hope it straightens up; we have some good-looking crops in our district and it would be great to keep them that way.

The deer flies have moved in big time with these last few days of high temperatures. The cows are busy fighting them off and my horse will stand in the shed for the entire day—only to venture out in the evenings.
The sheep don’t like all the rain, either. The girls and I filled their house up with straw Saturday and I’m hoping that will keep them happy for a few days. They don’t like walking in puddles but they live in the wrong place to avoid that.
Fortunately, my rabbits are high and dry and happy as long as we keep picking them grass.
And many would say “it’s great weather if you were a duck”—but I moved mine back inside!

Riverside Health Care will hold its annual meeting tomorrow (June 23) at 7 p.m. in the Emo Health Centre cafeteria–and I hope to see a few of you out!
I also will have some “Canada Day Cash” lottery tickets with me if you don’t have yours yet.
First prize is $10,000 in cash while you are supporting health care across the district!