Cows are getting closer to calving

The cows are getting closer now to calving so I’ve had to increase my trips to the barn.
On Monday, I planned to get another larger area ready so I can put multiple cows in if I don’t have enough room right in the barn.
Meanwhile, the three calves that I already have need to get out of the barn now. They are busy bouncing around and need to get outside and do that!
I kept them in longer than normal because I need to keep some animals in to keep the barn at a decent temperature. Unfortunately, the snow and drifting snow have made it hard to keep any bedding down for the cows.
And when we have these extreme temperatures, I feel better with them having something to lay on.
• • •
And it is snowing . . . again! I was hoping that maybe the cold weather and snow were behind us and we could look forward to decent temperatures and longer days.
I know this sounds lazy but trudging back and forth last week to the barn every few hours is hard work in the snow. My dad normally plows me out and he did, but he was busy so he didn’t come as quick as he sometimes does.
They ended up putting the bucket on the tractor to clean up a lot of places because we really have a lot of snow piling up!
• • •
We hosted a 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday for my mom and dad. They both had told us “no party!” but we felt that by having it at my house, they would enjoy it more and both said they did!
We were so pleased with all who took the time to come and share the day with us! I have to say that I was happy to have it here, as well-at least we weren’t dragging stuff to and fro this way.
Of course, my mom stayed to help clean up on Saturday night and by Sunday at noon, you wouldn’t have known I had a party.
Truth be told, I didn’t want to wait to get things put away or scrub the floor because with calving, I get lazy and don’t have the energy to do these jobs.
• • •
I still have the Flir camera on loan from Farm & Food Care. If you would like to borrow it to test your barn, home, or shed for potential hot spots (or even cold spots), let me know. It is quite an amazing tool.
I think they are expecting me to ship it back sometime next month, so don’t miss out on the chance to use it!
It is a thermal imaging camera and is very easy to use.