Cow holding on after feeder injury

I said I was taking the holidays off from doing any of my volunteer work with the Cattlemen’s and the Abattoir, but I am not sure that was a good idea. I think it will take me most of this week to get back on track. Yikes. Maybe not the best decision I have made. I don’t even have my daytimer all ready to go so to be honest I feel like I am in the dark on what should take the most priority. Truth is I enjoyed staying away from the computer and the emails and the organizing but I can also see why a person shouldn’t take so much time away. I don’t plan to de-Christmas until next week so I can catch up on this other stuff.

The holidays were great with lots of visiting, socializing and of course lots of great food. I was thinking that I should keep track of how many packages of cream cheese I went through as it seems most of the appetizers, I make tend to involve cream cheese! We celebrated 2023 with family, friends and prime-rib and we all discussed what we wanted from 2023. 2022 was a tough year on many so I think we all agreed that we were just looking for an improved New Year.

My heifer that was caught in the feed rack is still with us. She is walking, eating, and drinking just fine but where she caught herself in between the bars has caused the skin to die in that area right ahead of her hips. We are not sure what her outcome will be, but since we don’t feel there is any suffering currently, we are going to see how things go. She looks much better that she did now that a lot of the swelling has gone down, but I do worry about the birds picking at her side. I am trying to keep some wound spray on her, but magpies can be very miserable with open wounds. I am certain she won’t make a breeding heifer but there I keep thinking where there is life, there is hope!

That crazy weather we had before Christmas made things a bit more difficult for taking feed to the cows that are still in the bush. The snow is deep, and the drifts are hard. I have had to unload my wagon of hay and haul bales one by one, because it was just too hard going. Now that the trail is broke out good again it is not so bad, but you don’t want to get off the path! I did break a bit of the trail out for the cows to make sure they could get home for water, and I think some of them appreciated it. I felt my cows were fortunate to be fed in the bush those days when the wind didn’t stop. I could tuck them in under the cedar trees and you didn’t even know the wind was blowing. I put out some extra pour hay and they were content.

Happy 2023 friends, I wish you all happiness, health and wealth!