Cow herd expansion discussed

I spent the day in Guelph last week at the Beef Farmers of Ontario office, where we were discussing the Northern Cow Herd Expansion program.
We would like the herd to grow by 100,000 in Ontario and it seems that we have the land to grow the herd here in the north.
But similar to attracting a doctor, veterinarian, or any other professional to the north, there has to be a lot of planning, organizing, and mentoring in place.
We also shot a video promoting the north. I spent most of my video time promoting our great district.
Even though we all are considered Northern Ontario, there’s still quite a difference between northeastern and Northwestern Ontario.
I’m going to work on this project as much as my time allows as I see the need and value in building agriculture.
I certainly hope Rainy River will see some growth and benefit from this program, as well.
• • •
Being out of town last week, I was glad to come home to a repaired tractor!
I fed cows and unloaded grain on Saturday, and it seemed to be back to normal–what a huge relief.
I was joined by Marlee for a farm weekend as Maddie was out of town for hockey. We did some crafting and Marlee successfully made 20 Christmas cards (she certainly is ahead of me as I still haven’t got my last year’s cards finished).
I will try harder this year to get in touch with my friends and family.
I plan to get my house decorated this week – but it is lining up to be a busy week with last minute meetings and of course – Christmas Concerts! I still need to tackle the shopping but even making a nice organized list would be a big start!
• • •
Here we are in the middle of December and you still need just a light jacket and rubber boots to keep your feet dry.
It is looking like the weather is going to cool off by the end of the week. We still need the ground to freeze before we get a big dump of snow.
I’ve been moving my cows around a lot to keep them dry and prevent them from making a big muddy hole where you feed. But the cows are enjoying the weather and with all the wet snow, most don’t even come home for a drink.
• • •
The board of the Rainy River Regional Abattoir is sitting down for a day session this week to work on some planning for the future.
We continue to work and struggle with our day-to-day operations that we often don’t have the time to look outside the box and think about long-term plans.
I’m hoping for a successful day of planning and sharing.
We are open to all ideas and opinions from all members at all times of the year—so we would welcome hearing from anyone!