COVID Club Show a success

This would have been our Emo Fair Weekend and today would have been the dreaded Monday following a very busy weekend. We did have our overall “Covid Club Show” at Pam and Murray Wilson’s. The top two steers, heifers and showman all competed for the Grand Champion spot. It was quite a nice show and a big thank you to all the participants, the hosts and of course of judges, Riley, Brent and James. I was very proud that despite a challenging year we were able to pull off something, so that our members could still display the efforts of their hard work. Half of the steers will be off to the abattoir this week and the other next week. We are very pleased how well our community responded once again when it came to purchasing these steers. You won’t be disappointed with this beef; it is some of the best meat in the District. It was heart-warming to see sisters with the Grand-Champion Steer and Grand-Champion Heifer! Georgia Romyn with the steer and Sydney with the heifer. What a great photo!!! Reserve Champion steer went to Aaron Bujold and Reserve Champion heifer to Maddy Bliss. Our top two showman were Hanna LeDrew and Reserve Hayden Haw. Congratulations to all our members that participated in their club shows; taking the time to show up despite the current situation wasn’t unnoticed. I would also like to mention how grateful I am to the Fort Frances Times for all their support through this 4-H year. They have gone out of their way to be sure our members were recognized. The website they hosted for us was top-notch! I am sure they will be tired of my every day emails but I am so happy we live in a District that realizes supporting our youth is so important.
Well, our plots are ready to combine at EARS. I took the combine into to serviced in July (mainly because I had no breaks and don’t want to run over Katie), but they found other issues. Which is great but also not great because now we wait. Every time it rains, I get very nervous because of last year. It is hard not to. We did end up with 80 mm (3.2”) from Friday until Monday. Crossing our fingers that is behind us for a bit. We still have our second cut plots to bale, but that causes me less stress than our grain.
There is a big list of jobs to do at home. I miss my dad on so many levels. Not only because he helped me everyday, but I miss just running things off him. We are getting the hay hauled, there is a pile of manure to get out and I want to cut a wee bit of hay for second cut, but if the weather co-operates I am going to let the cows graze some of the second cut growth. Marlee and her friend Addie tackled weighing all the lambs over the weekend. Now we need to organize abattoir dates etc. We must start thinking about preg-checking cows and weaning calves. I could likely take some calves to our first sale on August 29, but I am not sure I can get myself that organized. I may have to wait until the September 26 date.