Consider volunteering at the abbatoir

We certainly can’t complain about the long weekend weather. We reminisce about the many years my dad would want to go fishing simply because it was the “long weekend” and there would be snowflakes in the air. Though I certainly could and maybe even should have been working at my day job, but I had a big list of jobs for my farm as well.  When you farm evenings and weekends you can get behind quickly. I managed to accomplish a lot, but you always just wish for a few more hours.

Thank you to those who took the time out to attend the RRDRAI (Abattoir) AGM. We had approximately 45 people attend and that sounds decent. It was, but we had 2 producers from the west end. The support from the west end is very disheartening. The membership voted to approve a $200 membership increase. Currently the membership fee is a one time $500. This will still put you in the lower slaughter fee cost. The $200 will get us through the current cash crunch and we will decide this fall if there will be a next year or not. Live cattle prices are not going to help our current situation.  What can you do to help? Consider volunteering. If you can help at the abattoir on a slaughter day, wrap meat or cut grass. All of this would help. Yes, I realize you pay to use the facility, but the facility is owned by all of us. We have a lot to lose if the places closes. I think of the chickens and pig’s numbers that have increased because of having access to an abattoir. They I think of the feed that is purchased locally to raise all our animals. I don’t feed as many as a lot of producers, but I certainly know what my feed costs are to raise the ones I do have, and it would add up quickly. I really don’t know what would happen with the 4-H Steers? I did do a breakdown of costs of slaughter between all our North-West plants.  Costs are very similar and if you are interested in seeing this, please let me know.  The other plants that I have visited in the South are the same. In talking with someone that just visited a few plants in the west, our costs are much lower. I was extremely disappointed that in a group of 45 we are where unable to fill one board position. I don’t understand how people can look at you and tell you they are too busy when the abattoir is important part of their business.  The current board is not a bunch of lazy people with noting to do. If we all said, we were too busy to volunteer or help we would be in a lot of trouble.

Just a reminder – RRCA is hosting a “Cows are gone to Pasture Party” at the Sales Barn on June 10 from 4 until 7 p.m. This is our way to celebrate our new facilities and to thank everyone that helped us make it all happen. We live in a generous community, and we would like to give back. You will need to RSVP with me by June 1! Please shoot me a text if you can at 807-275-9706.