Cold weather hard on calves

I am so looking forward to warmer days. It doesn’t even have to be summer–just warmer!
Even when the temperatures are a bit better, we still have a cold wind.
I honestly can say this has been my most worrisome weather for calving. I always have cold weather but normally there is a break in there. This year, however, there hasn’t been much of a break.
My cows have calved very fast. As I write this, I’m only waiting on six (one of them won’t be for a while but the other five are fairly close).
The calves haven’t been able to spend much time in the barn since I have to cycle them through rather quickly to keep the new ones inside.
I have one calf that’s going to lose the tips of its ears but fortunately the others all have managed to escape much of the cold.
It is important to keep a close eye on the calves now just to make sure they are doing well and handling this cold weather.
Normally if I leave the house and I don’t hear a cow bawling, it means things are well. But one busy night at 2 a.m., I had three cows calving inside the barn and I also had a cow frantically looking for her calf outside.
I started searching. I checked the calf pens and the bale rings and I could not find her myself. Finally, my flashlight caught a glimpse of this pile of hay on the edge of my feeding area. There she was sound asleep.
I don’t know who was happier to find her, me or the cow.
I keep daydreaming about how I could re-design my barn to make things a bit easier, or building something that I could house more animals at one time.
I’m not sure there is a perfect plan but I do know that this year keeping everyone in the facilities I have was a challenge.
I am still so thankful for my barn cameras. On Sunday morning, our power was off for a short period and I certainly missed the comfort of looking at the cameras to be sure things were calm.
• • •
Our annual 4-H Awards Night was held on Friday and Ang Haw did a great job of putting the special night together for our members and leaders.
Once again, Dr. Robert Lidkea did a great job of giving us a glimpse of the past boys’ and girls’ club that rolled over to 4-H. The Fort Frances Kiwanis Club has supported us for as many years as I can remember–it is greatly appreciated!
Morgan Desserre took home the Leadership Award that is sponsored jointly by the TD Bank and our local association.
Morgan’s essay reminded us all that 4-H provides us with so much more than just fun!
It is all the skills that you obtain by participating–communication, leadership, and opportunities.
Carrena Haw was awarded the Degagne Award for the top three years in the Beef Club (this is another award that dates back many years). It is well worth looking at the names on this treasured trophy.
Katie Hay and Jared Flatt were winners with their top carcasses. This is just a glimpse of the night but we all are ready to gear up for 2019!