Christmas tree mishap a pain

Many people spend hours cleaning prior to Christmas, including me. I wore out two toothbrushes and an entire bottle of “Mean Green” getting the grout in my tile all polished up.
I lucked out with fewer walls to wash this year since I just finished getting fresh paint in more than half of the house upstairs. Alas, there still was plenty of dust and dog hair floating around, though.
Despite all of this, I ended up in a huge mess around 12:30 a.m. on Friday.
We had brought in the real tree for upstairs on Thursday evening. It was difficult to get in the stand but after a few attempts (and a few holes drilled in the stand), we thought it was going to be suitable and stable.
I did have my doubts—as it still seemed to have quite a lean on it.
I had decided on the new location for the tree since after my walls were painted, I rearranged my furniture. This meant there were no holes in the wall to tie the tree—but surely we wouldn’t need to tie it!
After all, the cat lives in the barn now and the only time I had issues with a tree falling over was when the cat was living in the house.
After five hours of perfectly putting about 1,000 lights on the tree and every ornament carefully placed, I sat an admired it. I had thought to myself that it didn’t look like much of tree, but once you have lights and all your special stuff on the tree, it really did look pretty darn good.
I almost forgot to water it but filled the stand nearly full, which is almost five gallons of water. Then off to bed I went thinking that was another task off the list!
Well, I hit the floor running at 12:30 a.m. as the tree came crashing to the living-room floor, with water gushing all over the wood floors! There was no cat to blame and “Roxee” was nestled into the king-sized bed in my room.
Needless to say, there now are two fresh holes in my newly-painted walls and likely there will be a water mark on my wood floor under the tree stand.
I also stayed up until 2:30 a.m. and pretty much re-decorated the entire tree. The biggest challenge was the lights—I seem to have a few bare spots now but it will have to do!
The craziest thing is only two or three ornaments broke. Many left the tree but managed to land without shattering all over the place.
Lucky for me, I have a “Dyson Animal Vac” and in no time the big mess of tree needles, glitter, and small slivers of glass from what did break was all cleaned up!
So as I think about continuing on with my cleaning list, I wonder, “Why don’t I wait until after Christmas?”
Merry Christmas everyone! Wishing you a wonderful holiday with nothing but laughs and good food!