Christmas season has begun

I attended my first Christmas party of the season last week! It was a great night but certainly made me think that the time is ticking away.
I also attended a Christmas concert in the Barwick Heritage Church and it was incredibly beautiful. As soon as you walked in, you could smell and feel the wood heat!
There was no electricity but the candles and solar lights were the perfect touch–and the Mennonite carollers were top-notch!
This really made me think that I would get my Christmas tree up this past weekend! On Saturday, I finished up on my outdoor lights and fed up all the cattle and sheep. I was really enjoying the sunshine so I didn’t end up in the house until nearly 3 p.m.
I then started washing the walls in the entrance way but I was really struggling with my mop. I have a real fancy one to do my walls but I remembered the last time I used it, I fought with it, as well (hence the reason I haven’t been washing my walls enough).
I ended up texting my auntie and my BFF hoping they would solve my problem. They both got back to me saying how easy it was to use so I tried again but the water was dripping off the wall just like a shower.
That ended that and I started to make supper (it is pretty bad when I had to break down and cook). By then, it was too late to keep on washing walls and, besides, there was always Sunday!
Well, on Sunday we decided that we best get the bulls de-wormed and vaccinated. That went well except I found that they had pushed a bale through the fence, breaking two posts and leaving the wire flat.
We fixed that up and the bulls were finished!
Since I was outside, I then decided I might as well trim the horse’s hooves and de-worm him. Another good job done!
Then my mom was there so we decided to clean out the sheep pen. We have three lambs and the new goat in. You would think I was stalling or something to get in the house?
Sunday is Black Bettie’s pen-cleaning day so I crossed that off the list and some friends stopped over for a visit! Yay, I didn’t have to get back to fighting with my mop.
I will this week and it will be better because I got all those jobs done! The only thing is, I am going to have to get serious about shopping soon!
• • •
On Thursday, I hosted the “Forage Focus” webinar at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. It was a great session and nice that we were able to participate.
Most of these events we could not afford nor have the time to attend.
Thanks to those who took the time to attend. NOFIA sponsored our lunch and I think we all enjoyed the session.
• • •
The weekly “Catch the Ace” draw is getting very exciting! This past Friday night, we were lucky enough to attend the “Ladies’ Night” event at Emo Feed.
It was a busy place and we sold out!
Shari Bujold was the lucky weekly winner of $720. She picked envelope #46, which contained the two of diamonds, so the progressive pot will be about $13,500 for this week’s draw, which will be held this Saturday at 11:30 a.m. at Rainy River Meats.
Get your tickets as they are selling quickly!