Christmas lights display started

I’ve started my annual Christmas lights display.
My new shed took a fair bit of time to get set up for lights but it turned out quite nicely. I’ll now work away for most of this week before I complete the “glow!”
I couldn’t believe that earlier this week, while working on my old barn, the water was dripping off the roof on me. Wow—I normally put my Christmas lights up when it is minus-40 or the snow is up to my waist!
I’ve got a few new things to add to my yard this year, so I’m quite excited to get in all finished off.
Plus, Maddie and Marlee will be home for Christmas this year so it will be a great holiday for all of us!
• • •
My old cow (“Blaze”), which was supposed to be going to abattoir soon, had to be put down over the weekend.
Last Thursday night, I thought her brisket was looking inflamed and then Friday night, her navel area was, too. This is a sure sign of congestive heart failure and there is nothing you can do.
“Blaze” really owed me nothing–she calved every year and raised twins a few times.
I decided last fall that I wouldn’t sell her through the sales barn to avoid a long truck ride, but I think she just wanted to stay right at home and we gave that to her.
I don’t think I will ever get use to saying good-bye to these old cows that spend so much time with you.
• • •
We are really excited that the girls have a weekend off from hockey so we can participate in the “Holly Daze” parade in Emo on Friday night.
We’ve got an exciting plan for the event, so now we just need to schedule in the time to get in all ready to go!
It sounds like the weather is going to be perfect, as well.