Christmas light and farm prep ongoing

I didn’t quite meet my goal of having all my Christmas lights up by last Sunday. I ended up having to trouble shoot some of the lights that were up and stopped working after the strong winds on Friday night. Ugh. Christmas lights must be one of the biggest pet peeves around. On Sunday my mom and I went off on a shopping adventure to Winnipeg. The weather wasn’t great when we left home but once we made it to Kenora things improved. My mom is a baker and was looking forward to a stock up of some baking supplies at Costco. Of course, we did a bit of Christmas shopping, but I am a long way from done. I am o.k. with shopping if I have an idea but when I don’t, I am a wreck. I did buy a few things for myself, so I guess it was Merry Christmas to me. Like most of us, we don’t need much but we still feel obligated to put something under the tree. I will work on finished up my outdoor light display this week and then work this inside décor. Every year I think I will get my tree up earlier but here we are nearing the middle of the month and it is safely stowed downstairs.

I finally finished my research summaries. I am now printing and organizing them in a booklet. I will have them printed and I will leave copies at Emo Feeds. I am hoping to take some time off soon so I would like this off the list.

My cows are choosing to not come home for water and after these few colder days I am not sure if they are able to find a wet spot to drink or if they are making use of the snow. I will keep an eye on the cow trails to see what they are doing. My boyfriend/partner tried to level out some of the ground to make it a bit easier for them to get around and now with this fresh snow they should find it a bit easier. I am splitting a load of hay with some friends so I am hoping that will allow me to sleep better and not continually think about feeding cattle. I am worried about next year. Fertilizer prices are crazy high and with less land to make hay from I am not sure what it will bring. I am one of these people that when it is time to be sleeping, I think about all the things that I have little control over.

Our RRDRAI Abattoir AGM went off o.k. but of course we had audio issues with those that were trying to join online. I did a full test on my computer the next day and of course everything seemed to work just fine. If you are interested in seeing any of our AGM documents and I didn’t email you, please reach out to me and I will get them to you. Thank you to Shawn Woodgate who agreed to let his name stand and will join the board!