Christmas is fast approaching

The week of Christmas has arrived! Where did this year go?
It seems like only yesterday I was trying to prepare for Christmas—last year.
I still have great intentions of getting a Christmas letter written and mailed this week. I also have been trying to clean but it seems I keep messing things up as I go.
We did venture out and cut our Christmas tree, and we finally have it all prettied up. I’m not sure that I will have my house spotless for Christmas but I will tackle as much as I can.
I keep asking myself why we put this much pressure on ourselves to have everything perfect when, in fact, that is not what it is all about! I blame it on my momma, who baked and cleaned for months prior to Christmas.
My mom has been very busy baking after I talked her into baking for the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market. I hope she has enjoyed it and that I haven’t added a whole other element to her Christmas preparations.
I haven’t baked for Christmas for a few years—I tried and didn’t enjoy it, so I stroked that off my list.
Besides, I find that everyone would rather eat snacks like chips and dip instead (or that might just be me?)
Another thing that I don’t enjoy much is wrapping. I try to tackle it in spurts since I end up getting frustrated—and they look even messier than my best effort that isn’t great.
I have most of it finished but it seems like not many gifts, but I almost feel as though I have over-spent.
• • •
I still want to remind people to support our GoFundMe campaign for our local abattoir, which is important to all of us—whether you are farming or not!
We are fortunate to have a successful agriculture community here in Rainy River District and the abattoir is essential to allow you all to have access to safe, good local food.
Please support
Thanks to all that have donated—we cannot thank you enough!
• • •
I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas! I hope you all are able to take some time to relax and enjoy some time with family and friends.
Because it truly doesn’t matter how much baking you’ve done, or how much you’ve cleaned your house or how awful your wrapping is, it is about being with people that make your life better.
So sit down, visit, share, and laugh—that’s the best part!