Chores put a rain-check on Christmas preparations

Well now that we are moving into the 20 numbers in November, I am starting to think I best be getting serious about Christmas. Things still seem to be moving slow when it comes to shipping and transporting. Saturday was such a beautiful day that I was thinking Sunday might be the same. I was wrong! I was thinking it would be a great day to start my outdoor Christmas lights. That didn’t happen. I did take my heifers over to my friend’s as we are shipping out some animals to Manitoulin Island. They should be on the road now. It is a neat project that we are happy to be a part of. I will not take the credit for it as the contact person told me that she was looking for bred animals, so I gave her my friend’s number as I did not have any bred cows for sale. My friend then talked her into taking some calves along with some breds, so I was lucky to sell to her as well. I still feel a bit nervous about hay but every animal that leaves should help with that. The elk have moved back over to my place and I really don’t think I can afford to feed them this year but the then want to move in with my cows. I broke down and took them a bale and I hope they eat is slowly. Though the fall moisture is a good thing, I think we are all a bit gun shy on what to expect for our next growing season. We are hoping the extreme weather is behind us, but you just never know. I also found out last week that I lost an important field that our family has been renting since I was a kid. So, my head is scrambling around to think of where I could pick up some more land. Sometimes I wonder when things are not going your way if someone is trying to tell you to get out! Then I can’t imagine doing anything else either. I have a jam-packed week of meetings, so Christmas preparations are on hold. I will be heading to Toronto for a quick meeting. I will likely spend more time travelling that I will be meeting.

Saturday November 27 we are planning a Work-Bee at the Abattoir. There are some tasks that need to be done before we have too much snow. Marg has complied a list of jobs so if you are able to come out at 9:00 a.m. tasks will be assigned! We are lucky to have Bradley Teeple doing a co-op position at the Abattoir now. We are still looking for a lead-hand at the Abattoir. If you are looking for a job or know of someone that might be interested, please reach out! Salary is negotiable. Things are busy but going well! The Annual Meeting for the Rainy River District Regional Abattoir is booked for December 2. Location is not worked out yet, but we will be providing a Zoom link for those who cannot attend.