Check out the cattle sale this weekend

I seemed to have gotten behind in August and still haven’t got back on track. Though we are tackling the list of jobs at the Station it seems we are still struggling. I think in the back of everyone’s mind is how long this decent weather is going to last and it makes you nervous. We are still working on the Three Sister Harvest which is a huge job. We did get the soybeans and the dry beans combined last week. The dry beans were still wet, and we still had some combine issues, but it was a huge improvement from the past. They are in the dryer for a few days. We have focused on the outside jobs while the weather is decent. We have someone coming in to work on leveling our tile runs and that will make a big difference as well. Hard to believe but the grass could be cut again but I am not sure we can fit that in. We sent out an email letting people know we had squash that needed a home and that very same day most of it was gone! We have also been sharing some of our jack-be-little pumpkins as well. We have many so if you’re looking for some certainly let me know.

It was a busy Muskie Girls hockey weekend, but I had too many jobs to do at home. This is the cattle sale week, so I had to get panels in place for weaning, hauling, and weighing animals. I have two animals going into the abattoir. My cattle trailer is just getting its safety completed as once the sale is over this weekend my friend is taking it and some of his best animals out to Brandon to compete in Ag Ex. It is a very exciting time for him! I was very thankful that Stacey and Charlie offered to come and help me Sunday with weighing and sorting animals. The three of us had a great time getting them sorted and re-sorted after I looked at the weights and pulled back the ones that were already sold. I am always very grateful for good helpers! I decided to login to a Sale on Sunday afternoon as well in hopes of buying a new heifer or maybe two. I tried but the ones I picked out were just too expensive. For example, I starred two heifer calves that both sold for $31,000 each! I will keep shopping and hope that something comes up in our price range.

If you are looking for a great lunch or dinner option, this weekend don’t forget about our canteen at the Sales Barn that will have daily specials! It is good home-cooking!

Also – in the past we started our cattle sales by selling our cull cows and bulls. It has been decided that we are going to leave the cull cows and bulls to the end of the sale! So, if you are coming to watch we will be starting at 8:30 a.m. with feeder cattle. Reminder if you cannot make the sale, you can view online with the DLMS network! The final sale on November 4 will feature breeding stock. Just a reminder to let James know if you are bringing breed animals so we can properly advertise. Also – all animals must be preg checked at our barn if you are planning to sell in that portion of the sale!