Cattlemen’s Association stocks the food bank freezer with beef

It seems that winter has arrived! We were getting spoiled with milder temperatures and now we are reminded that it is time to warm up the truck, wear hats and mitts etc.  It is the thing I dislike about most about winter; getting all your clothes on before you leave and putting them all away on your return.  As per normal I started working on my outdoor lights now that winter has arrived.  I only put one day in yet, so I have a few more to go. My schedule seems to be overwhelming right now so I am not sure I will be ready for Christmas this year. I am reminded that I say this every year and it all seems to work out.  I also thought that once I purchased an artificial tree, I would get it up earlier, but this don’t seem to be the case either. One day I will get things right.

I was hoping the elk would be happy in our fields that had a lot of re-growth but unfortunately, they are into my hay again. I am brainstorming ideas of ways to keep them away. I know everyone suggests a barn, but I don’t think I can financially pull that off.  We will pull out some of the things we tried last year and hope that it will discourage them again.  Hay isn’t quite as tight, but I still don’t want them in it and wasting any. It is expensive to make hay and after going through the drought we all know the value of having it. They have even been brave enough to make it into a deer feeder close to my moms house.

I am very proud of the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association. At our last sale on November 5th the board purchased a cow and they have had it processed into burger for the Emo and Rainy Food Banks. I suggested this to the board and was so pleased they agreed that we should be doing this! Both Emo and Rainy Food Banks were very thankful! We also are thankful that the Abattoir Staff were able to get this cow in a bit sooner than originally thought. The cow turned out to be a bit “spicy”, so we were nervous about taking her to a strange farm to wait until a later processing date.

Our meeting in Guelph last week was great! The University of Guelph Beef Research is just something else to see.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend it. I was a bit nervous about our flight home from Toronto. We boarded on time but then circled around the runway for nearly 2 hours.  We had to de-ice twice. It was very windy in Toronto with a bit of snow, so things were slow. We finally made our way to Thunder Bay, and it was a great flight. The joys of winter travel! I am off to Toronto again for a day meeting again early next week. This is the reason I am not ready for Christmas!

Great job on the Holly Days parade this weekend despite the miserable weather the parade was awesome! My mom asked me to come help with the hot chocolate and cookies, but she happened to watch us from the warmth of a van.  Also, a big thank you to the Duke and Fort Frances Memorial Sports Centre for helping with the Emo Hockey Tournament after there was water line break that would have cancelled the hockey tournament in Emo. Games were playing in town. Good job for organizing that.  Also, to the Legion and the Barwick Vendor Event who took a few vendors that were planning on being at the Arena on Saturday! We are better together — good job people!